Bad Hair Habits


  • Combing wet hair

Combing we hair is the worst habit you can start your day with, let your dry a little before combing them speedily.

  • Dryer

Over use of dryer will also lead to your hair spoiling fast and becoming more frizzy, let your hair dry naturally as much as possible.

  • Serum

How much ever beauty companies may promote serum but again it is a product that you should refrain from using very regularly, keep it for occasional usage

  • Color Care

After using hair color, use products that protect your color because your hair needs more care and a different set of chemicals when it is colored.

  • Brand Loyalty

Changing your hair care products every week isn’t a great idea for your hair, stick to your favorite for a longer time to avoid any damage.

Hope you follow these for hair care!

Stay Stylish!

5 minute homemade face make over

You all must be thinking what do I mean by 5 min make over, I mean you have so many products easily available in your home that you can use for immediate glow on your face. These items are just a closet away!

  • Milk

Whatever your skin type is, it is best to wash your face with milk just before applying some make up to create an excellent base. You can also use a milk wash and flaunt a no make up look

  • Honey

Apply honey on your face and leave it for 2-3 mins and then wash it off with water. It might make your face look a little red but not to worry, it will be fine soon.

  • Aloe Vera

You can pluck a small leaf from your back yard and rub the gel evenly on your face for about 2 mins. It helps you create a great base and also helps you remove the tiredness soon

  • Tomato

Take a tomato slice and rub it on your face for about 2 mins, tomato is a great bleaching agent and will give you a fresh and fairer look soon.

  • Cream

Cream or malai whichever is easily available in your refrigerator you have to apply it on your face and wash off after about 2 mins and your skin will get soft and supple.

Do not use face was after any of these as it will remove the moisture coating from the skin.

Easy isn’t it?

Stay Stylish!

Trends Spotted – Star Screen Awards 2014

I love looking at well dressed women and it always inspires me to not only dress well but to maintain my own personal style.

This is what I saw

Deepika looked stunning in her black ensemble and I loved her skull neck line which she used to add bling to her look.

Style Meter- 8

Sonakshi has a very bold choice when it comes to colors for her public appearance and that is what I adore her for

Style meter – 8

It was a breath of fresh air to see Kajol like this after her recent appearances and she has done a great job

Style Meter – 8.5

Two fashionistas rocking the red carpet together

Style Meter – 8

watch this space for more!

Stay Stylish!

Declutter your Wardrobe

We saw a lot of decluttering exercise happening this year, from a past few years we have been stressing a lot on decluttering because it does not only affect you physically but also help you gain a lot of mental peace as well. Also inversely if you have a lot of clutter you tend to gain a lot of body weight.

The place where we clutter the most is our wardrobes because we never have enough clothes, yes I know even I feel the same thing so here are a few steps by which you can declutter-

  • Jeans

All our jeans are very comfortable but you have to start looking out for the ones that have worn out from the feet, that’s the first place. Wherever you notice it is rubbed too much and starts getting holes that’s the time to say bye to the denims.

  • T shirts

Don’t wait till they become your night dress and then the duster, give it to someone needy before that because I am sure we get the replacement done way before that.

  • Woollens

Woolens don’t fade away soon as we wear them only for a few months of the year and we all have our favorite denim jacket that we can’t imagine our life without. Leave it as soon as you get another replacement.

  • Dresses

We can’t keep them all and we can’t throw them all, the plight is the same. Still you could share it with some of your close friends. This way your dresses will have a longer life in multiple cupboards

  • Sarees

Save your sarees for the special days and give them to your daughters and daughters in law, trust me they will love it!

You need to keep a few things in mind for everything in your wardrobe

  1. Do not pile up clothes that you have stopped wearing
  2. Keep updating your wardrobe by removing old stuff
  3. Don’t cling on your love to your clothes
  4. Buy 1 and remove 2 to keep it decluttered
  5. Repeat from point 1

 Stay Decluttered

Stay Stylish!

5 Must have Ps

So the new year mood is now over and getting back I have a few Ps that you should have in 2014. You might have a few of these but these Ps will never make feel out of trend any day.

  • Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are here to stay and the best thing is that they are here to stay, and you can buy them from big brands like Forever 21 or pick them up from the flea market at minimal prices. It is a great option for women who want to hide their belly fat


palazzo pants


  • Peplum dresses

This again came to be a very new and repeated trend in bollywood in 2013, peplum unlike palazzo can make you look short so it is a great choice for tall women and also for women who want to hide their butts.


  • Prints

With designers like Masaba Gupta and quirkbox you have lots of quirky prints to choose from for your wardrobe. We saw bollywood sporting random prints and looks where the lipstick print gained much popularity.


  • Purse

Carrying small potli purses has been the trend since long, it compliments your traditional wear very well and lets you keep your essentials handy. These purses also add to your style statement.


  • Pink

Radiant Orchid which is the pantone color of the year, is another shade of pink and mauve to be precise. This year you will see more celebs flaunting this color.


These are the must have Ps in your wardrobe

Stay Stylish!