Being a girl

I was born a child, i will grow up being a girl and I will die a woman. Being a girl has always been more difficult but not the way most people think it to be.

  • Shoes

Have you ever as a boy thought of buying 20 pairs of shoes and still having nothing matching with your dress. We have, always! We walk in heels get shoe bites yet buy taller shoes the next time we go shopping. The amount of effort that we put in selecting shoes is no less than selecting a partner.

  • Clothes

Our relationship with clothes is more complicated with the men we date. The clothes have to be just perfect from the first moment we try them on. It should enhance our strengths and hide our weaknesses. They are mere non living friends for us.

  • Lip color

It is not just a cosmetic product but our signature, it reflects our mood. So you know you have a chance the day we wear red lipcolor. It just completes every look.

  • Hair

Hair is never a girl’s best friend ask any woman and she will tell you her bad hair days and how much she has cribbed over them. She has the same routine, the same products but her hair sometimes just get upset with her.

  • Parlor run

We have to remember parlor appointments and even if we fail by a week there will be people asking us, what is wrong with your face? Why does your skin look so dull? Have you not been sleeping properly? When we are completely fine!

This was just a trailer of the kind of problems we face in day to day life and you thought being a girl was easy!

How to Dress For Valentines Day

Thinking what to wear for this Valentines day, see what my favorite Bollywood looks have to share to make your Day special. Pick your look based on your mood!

  • Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress at Chanel said and it is true, pick up your sexy black dress and pair it up with smokey eyes and nude lips. You can add red lip color to add more drama.

  • Trendsetter

Get your designer gown out of your closet for this special day and choose different colors, this will make you look chic without any excessive jazz. Tying up your hair like this will add to your appeal.

  • Casual

You are going out with him on the 14 but you really are not sure on which level you are with him in your relationship so keep it subtle and casual, opt for colored pants to make you look special.

  • Glam Doll

You know this man is the one who you wanted to be with and you want to look like a diva when you step out with him, you also want to create a statement to the passers by.

  • Catty

You don’t want to go out and waste any of your precious time on this day, infact it will be a great idea for couples who are over stressed with work and do not get too much time to spend. Just stay indoors and make every moment worth it.

Image courtesy – Google Images

Stay stylish!



Designer Teddy Bears

Valentines day is just around the corner and most of my posts will be directed towards it this week. This Valentines Day the designers have come together to design cute little teddy bears this season. In fact I am very amused that we shall see a new version of teddy bears for girls in the coming years to come.

This is the designer stuff for you!


 Manish Arora




Neeru Kumar


Shantanu Nikhil


 Suneet Verma

Pics Courtesy – Miss Malini

Stay Stylish!

Manish Malhotra Charitable Fashion Show

Celebrities keep coming together for charitable activities where they can give back to the society that has given them so much. It indeed is a great step on part of the celebrities to be a part of this Save the Girl Child fashion show.


Style Meter – 8


Style Meter – 9


Style Meter – 8


Style Meter – 8

I really appreciate this effort on the part of these celebrities to raise funds for such a cause.

Stay Stylish!

Hairdos for a Bad Hair day

We all have our set of bad hair days even when we regularly, pamper them with the same hair care regime. I have  got a few hairdos that you can try and will help to cheer up. Remember to use your hands more than the comb to give your hair a great messy look. You should also leave your to dry.


Just pull up your hair and tie them into a nice bun together, this can give you a perfect hairstyle for a day out or even a party.

On a warm sunny day when your hair feels sticky just try this and sport a colorful scarf to pep up your look.

Tie your your hair with a puffed pony tail and don’t comb too much, let it look natural.

This hairstyle is for thin and flat hair and you can accessorize your look with colors, this is the most doable style which might be useful at any point in the day.


This is a typical beach hairstyle that can be made for a day out but only if you have medium length hair.

More Tutorials for these hairdos coming up soon!

Stay Stylish!

Celebrate Chinese New year with accessories

In China this year is the year of the Horse and any of you who want to sport this style, let me share a few options with you.

This a multi animal bracelet which shows various horse symbols and you can wear it with any outfit.

Style Meter – 8

This is a small pouch that can be used for travel and to keep your trinkets

Style Meter – 7

You can style your denims with this belt and a white Tee

Style Meter – 8

You can wear it with a black dress or a black tee and this can add bling to your monochrome outfit.

Style Meter- 9

Stay Stylish!

Ahana Deol’s Wedding

It was a B-town starlit evening with so many stars who attended the wedding of Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s daughter Ahana Deol.

This is the sported trends in that evening

We see the bride and groom and Ahana has chosen a Manish Malhotra for her special day and she looks amazing.

Style Meter – 9.5

Image courtesy – Daily Bhaskar

I like how she confidently has a designer bandage to match her outfit for the wedding

Style Meter- 8.5

Image Courtesy – BCCL

Style Meter – 8.5

Image Courtesy – BCCL

Style Meter – 8

Style Meter – 8.5

Image Courtesy – BCCL

Style Meter – 9

I am sure all these stars had a great time at the wedding and so did we looking at these pictures.

Stay Stylish!