Lakme Fashion Week Celebrities

Lakme Fashion Week 2014 indeed was a start studded event and we witnessed lot of celebrities walked for the designers and there were even more who sat on the first row to see the designer collections. What I typically loved about them was most of them were friendly to us and a few of them also spoke to us.

My favorite looks from LFW 2014 are –

She sizzled the ramp as she walked and danced on the ramp.

Lisa Hayden and Aduna Akhtar got a lot of shout outs and Lisa was very sweet to talk to us after the show.

Sunny Leone brought the fire literally on the stage.

She is the yummiest mummy of bollywood and we cannot deny that.

She walked in style and how!

Kareena Kapoor Khan has it all and she flaunts it

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Everyday SkinCare @being25

Last week i got a chance to meet the Skin Expert from Lakme Absolute Salon and she opened my eyes to a lot of things that I used to easily neglect. She put forward the list of things that need to be present in my closet for the summer months. The best thing about her advice was that she did not speak for any brand instead she gave the option to choose at our will. Her list of things are –

  • Anti Ageing Cream

We should start skin care as early as 25 to have a glowing skin later. She stressed on the use of any anti ageing cream from the wide variety of products available

StyleSaaga recommends – Pond’s, Olay or Neutrogena.

  • Face Cream

We should have a dedicated face cream with an SPF of about 15+ to protect us from the Sun rays for summer season.

StyleSaaga recommends – Everyuth,  Olay, Loreal

  • Sunscreen

There should be a sunscreen body lotion which again around 20+ SPF is decent if we have a regular desk job. In case of marketing jobs you can switch to using the same lotion 3-4 times in a day, there is no need for a 50 SPF in daily routine it should be reserved for beach outings.

StyleSaaga recommends – Lotus, VLCC, Kaya, Lakme

  • Moisturiser

It is as important to moisturise in summers as it is in winters so keep your body lotions handy but make sure they are not very sticky or thick.

StyleSaaga recommends – Vaseline, Fab India, The Body Shop

  • Under Eye Cream

This should be an important product in your daily routine. Since all our work has become screen oriented we spend a lot of time on the laptop and not outside.

StyleSaaga recommends – Fab India, Synergy

  • Night Cream

This may not feature in your make up kit owing to our age but we have to get used to it, yes you heard me right. It should be a part of your daily pampering

StyleSaaga recommends – H2o, Olay, Lakme

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My Experience at the Lakme Fashion Week S/S 14

Lakme Fashion Week is indeed the biggest fashion event in this country everyone in the fashion cult looks forward to it. It usually happens twice a year where the biggest designers of our country showcase their talent. This was the Spring/Summer 2014 and I had the opportunity to see the madness live.

My journey to the Lakme Fashion Week began with going to Mumbai and then to the venue. The show started soon and I was in a different world altogether. Till date I had only seen such events on television but there I was sitting amidst the crème dela crème of the B town. There were celebrities, designers, socialites and journalists. We were all looking the stage and grooving to the music we that played behind.


Each designer had a unique theme on which the clothes were designed. Most of them carried a summer theme with coral and pastel shades. A few of them still had the wedding collection and those reds and blues floated on the ramp. There were many celebrities who walked the ramp for the designers. Kirron Kher, Gauhar Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, Jaqueline Fernandes dazzled the ramp with their presence.

Each of the guests was charmed by the artwork and the uniqueness in every designer’s work. We could see days and nights of hard work that had gone behind the work. It was a mad atmosphere all around models were running up and down. The media went crazy for the updates at the media center. We were clicking pictures getting advice from Lakme Experts and running for food between the shows. It was a fun filled everyday at the event.


Got to see so much more, learnt so much more and witnessed art with beauty. All said and done I am thankful to Lakme for the opportunity that they gave me to be a part of the show and have an experience of a lifetime.

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Mumbai’s Most Stylish

When Mumbai was celebrating the Most Stylish people in B-town do you think StyleSaaga would lag behind and not report on the style meter to you, never. We have had the pictures of the most stylish celebrities and here is what they looked like.


mumbai’s most stylish

Kangana’s new avatar was a breath of fresh air where everyone else was in gowns. I loved her complete look where she made it simple and stunning.

Style Meter – 8.5

I loved the color of her dress and I think it is a great option for her look. Kudos to her

Style Meter- 8

Malaika Arora came in a Pankaj and Nidhi, I liked her look but it was too loud for me.

Style Meter – 7

Usually I am a fan of Deepika’s style but this outfit looked very similar to her Gucci outfit for her success bash. Nonetheless its simple and nice.

Style meter – 8


I loved her maroon lip color with neon peach. I really liked how she carried her look

Style Meter – 8.5

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International Women’s Day

Celebrating women’s day is just a method of saying thank you to all those women who have made you what you are today. The sad part though is that it s being celebrated in that part of the society where women are already empowered with education atleast if not anything else. We do not celebrate it where the women actually need help from us to be empowered, this brings me to an interesting point why on earth do we celebrate Women’s Day when man and woman were made equal by God.

Why do we women need to get out of the house to prove a point, we are naturally made to be emotionally strong and have the capacity to keep a family running in the toughest of times; still we look down on the women who do that. We don’t value their contributions. Why do we felicitate the women who have achieved something in public why not we celebrate the ones who are sitting inside our homes quietly. Why don’t we give all the credit to the women who have stood by us for all these years, given up their feelings and choices for us.

I take pride in announcing that every woman who has come into this world has made her own mark. She might have had an ordinary life but she has given a special life to all her family members by cooking for them, looking after them, giving them whatever they want even if it is her life.

Let’s raise a toast to all the women around ‘May you all get what you truly deserve, Amen’

How often to wash your hair

We often get confused on how many times should you wash your hair in a week to keep them perfectly clean. You need to take a tissue paper and wipe it every morning to your hair, the day it becomes sticky you need to wash it.

It will vary from person to person since the sebum production of a person is directly proportional to the oily skin, acne, dust, lifestyle. For women who are into marketing or jobs where they need to go out a lot will make their hair greasier. Also it depends on the location where you stay, if you stay in humid climate your hair tend to get dirtier soon.

It totally depends on when you fell your hair has become oily then should you wash your hair and also choose a shampoo that leaves your scalp perfectly clean.

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Wear Orange with grace

Orange Color has been in Vogue since 2013 and we are seeing Neon fever everywhere with Orange, pink, green and blue. Though personally I feel neon orange is not the color for Indian skin but then there are ways of carrying orange in subtle ways in make up and accessories.

These are my favorite looks for orange

I love this orange eye shadow look, you can use it at one place on your face and not use orange everywhere.


Put orange lip color to enhance your lips.

Simple look with orange lip color, the best pick for Indian skin.

Do share your views about orange and how do you think it can be carried out well.

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