How to Remove Skin Tan with natural products

Summer is right here and we have all been exposed to the cruel UV rays of the Sun. We all have our sad days when we want to wear short clothes due to the heat but the worry of getting a tan takes on us badly. So here I have a few useful homemade tips that can be used to reduce skin tan. Nothing can remove skin tan completely, even the face creams or pack but these methods will surely come to your rescue.

  • Haldi Ubtan

Very popular with the name of Ubtan in North India this mixture of Turmeric and Yoghurt is a great combination to remove tan. All you need to do is take 1 cup yoghurt and mix about 2 tbsp turmeric in it. Look for a bright yellow shade in the mixture. Apply it generously on your hands, legs and face. Leave it for about 15 minutess or till it dries. Wash it off. Use it regularly for best results.

  • Papaya

Take a ripe papaya. Crush it in the mixer grinder after removing the seeds and the fruit peel. It will be a semi solid, just massage it on the tanned area for a few minutes and wash it off. Make sure it is washed properly or else it attracts ants very soon. Do wash the towel after use.

  • Potato

Take a potato and cut it into slices. Rub these slices on tanned areas. Let it dry and then wash it off. Positive results will be seen when you repeat this process regularly.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been an age old remedy to most skin problems. Peel off the green lamina off the leaves and you will get a whitish Aloe Vera gel. Rub this gently on all exposed areas of the body. It will not only help in reducing tan but also help your skin to glow. It is a very low cost and easy method to practice on a daily basis.

  • Lemon

Take a lemon and slice it into 2 halves. Rub those slices on the exposed areas of the body. Lemon has citric juice which naturally helps in skin lighting. It is one of the main ingredients of many face and body packs.

Hope this will help!

Stay Stylish!

How to Clean your make up Brushes

We are all very fond of make up and use our brushes with love but when it comes to cleaning, we all get lazy to clean them. You might get confused as to what products to use so here i have the solution to your problem-

You can do it in a few steps

  • Take some water in a bowl and put some shampoo in it till it shows some lather
  • Gently dip all your make up brushes and move them in a circular fashion in it so that it cleans well
  • Repeat till you feel it is cleaned
  • Then dip shampoo conditioner in another bowl in water
  • Gently clean your brushes again
  • Finally put some oil in a cotton swab and use it to make your brushes shine
  • If your brushes feel sticky you can repeat the steps
  • Dry them gently with a towel


Make this a monthly practice if you have high make up usage else you can give a time of 2 months.

Do tell me how your experience went.

Stay Stylish!

10 Blogging Tips to increase blog traffic

We as bloggers keep looking for tips and tricks to improve blogging and gain more audience. I also spend a lot of time online everyday to learn more trends and to see what all can I do to make it big. To be in the competition for a long time.

  • Your Blog Topic

Do not limit your blog to a small topic where the number of readers is very less. Do not become a niche blogger, be specific but also cover a wide variety of related topics. You need to create more audience so keep mentioning stuff that more people would like to read.

  • Inverted Triangle

Whenever you are writing about a topic make sure you write an introduction because your reader is not an expert in the subject as you are. Follow the Inverted triangle method where your topics go general to specific.Use images and info-graphics to explain concepts

  • Blog your love

Write about something that you like to do, it could be traveling or photography or any random thing in this world, I am sure you will get takers for it. If you are Sheldon from TBBT you might do a ‘Fun with Flags’ and trust me it can work.

  • Post Name

Your post name or your heading should have relevant keywords if possible. Make the heading suggestive of your post let your readers understand what are you going to tell them. Use numbers like ‘5 tips or 10 ways’ your readers will like it.

  • Quote

Quote famous people from your field and if possible get them to speak something about you. Most of them might not be accessible but do use them. If you realize all fashion blogs have Coco Chanel’s quotes in some or the other way.

  • Networking

It is very important to let people know of your blog. Join communities or blog forums, participate in discussions. Since you are not writing for yourself alone make sure your readers know you. Do guest posts here and there.

  • Be Consistent

Many people start blogs at the same time but they are not consistent in posting which is a very very big mistake on their part. This is the biggest mistake I did with my previous blog and I didn’t blog for a few years and the blog audience had just gone.


  • Content

If content is the King, remember presentation is the queen. The king would not look complete without it. You can have generic content but very well presented and it will stand out. Make sure the tone of your voice is simple and personal so that readers feel good.

  • Social Media

‘Do not underestimate the power of a Social Media Platform’. Most of the people majorly use Facebook but Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and Stumbleupon is something you can use. Depending on your blog topic and audiences. If you have more female users go to Pinterest and if you have more men stick to Instagram.

social media ss

I hope this is some food for thought.

Stay Stylish!