Befriend Heels

Shoe love is greater than any love for women but wearing heels everyday can be a real pain for us. As Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City Says ‘Heels are not made to be comfortable’ but I will give out few easy tips which will make your heel wearing experience a little easier

  • Position of the Heel

The position of the heel can change the pressure point on your legs, you could try something like this for a change. Where the heels are more on the middle than the toes.

  • Thick Cushion

A comfortable cushion sole is something to make your feet happy always. It will not only reduce the discomfort but looks amazing too.

  • Shape of the heel

Block Heels are always a better option than stilettos especially if you want to walk for a longer time. Try out bright colors with something like this

  • Shoe Belt

If the shoe belt hold your feet tightly then also it will help you shake a leg little more with those stilettos that you have always adored. Go for elastic or tight cloth bands.


  • Wedges

Wedges I think are a savior for flat footed girls like me. They make you look tall and create your own style statement.


Hope you will try this

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Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Review

I love my tresses and I am sure all of you adore them equally. I keep trying various hair care products to ensure they grow well and keep the original color alive. So recently I bought this bottle of Patanjali Amla Hair Oil, for those of you who do not know Patanjali is owned by Baba Ramdev so I have some faith in the quality.


Amla has been an age old product used in India for centuries. It has helped people for dandruff, hair growth and frizzy hair. Amla has a lot conditioning properties as well. Owing to the availability and results it has become a regular ingredient for many households

How to use

I use just about enough oil to cover my hair and leave it all night so that my scalp absorbs as much oil as possible. Gently massage the oil with the tip of your fingers be gentle on the hair.



  • It has amla which helps your hair to grow and improves their texture
  • Ease of use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Packaging


  • Small Package
  • Odor
  • Sticks more than other oils



It has shown me very good results for me and I think it is a great product for people who like nature friendly products. I still found the odor to be strong due to which I may not be able to use it for outings. It takes time to come off but I have loved the luster it gives my hair every time

Rating – 9/10

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5 best looks of Sonam Kapoor

Today is Sonam Kapoor’s birthday, though we would have loved telling you how old she is but let’s just keep it a secret! I have been following her style since a few years now and she rarely disappoints me with that. Be it a saree or a gown she carries them with equal ease and panache. She has become a role model for a lot of fashionably inclined girls.


Here are the best 5 looks of this diva


This is her latest look at the Cannes Film Festival, her look with smokey eyes and nude lips was highly appreciated by one and all. We love it how she has kept her look simple yet stunning and it comes out as a perfect day look.

When she inaugurated the Loreal Paris Make up Collection



Hope you will like them too

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