how to get even skin tone

We live in a market where every beauty product seems to lighten and brighten your skin and who knows how many of these promises are true or the kind of chemicals which are used in the creams are not harmful. As for me I would never run after a fair skin color but trying to get an even skin tone is the quest everyday. Most women use many such products to make sure their face has an even skin tone. It so happens that we all have some dark patches on the skin because of which the skin does not look even.

Causes of dark patches

  • Dark circles – these can be hereditary or your own but dark circles increase with a bad sleep and food routine
  • Sun Burns – It is a very common problem for many women across our country that people suffer from sun burn patches
  • Patches – some times these patches do not have a specific reason but you might have a dark chin or a darker forehead.
  • Acne – Acne marks can also lead to patchy skin

What should you do

Exfoliate your skin –

Most of the times your skin just needs a little exfoliation and after which it will start looking smoother. You can use the scrubs already available in the market or try to make your own. You can choose from the various variety that you see. It is advisable not to use apricot scrub for dry skin otherwise your face might look really dried.

Use Face mask/ peel

You can choose from all the various branded face masks and face peels available. A face mask removes the extra tan and dirt from your face by making it look cleaner and smoother than before.


Moisturizing your skin as a daily practice can keep a lot of skin issues at bay. You should choose the product according to your need, for eg you do not need to buy an SPF 50 if you have a desk job because it wont be useful enough. Similarly you can choose depending on your skin issues.

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