Bring Back The Touch

It started a few years ago precisely 10 years ago when we were still finishing school and things sparked between us. He was the heartthrob of all the girls and she was a shy girl who never went out with anyone except him.

It started with a bang and then there was no looking back. It began with a same city relationship, to a multi-city relationship which came down to be a multi- state relationship for  after which we met together. It was a larger than life dream for both of us because finally we were together at one place where we could spend as much time as we wanted. Movies, food, parties became quite a routine. In fact everything became like a routine for us.

Been dating for a long while, we knew everything about each other. It started from our food references to music and sports and everything. He was like an open book for me to read and I could pick out any page and start with the same interest.

As sweet as it may look but this is not as exciting in real life, the more you know a person the more predictable every aspect of your relationship gets. Everything became monotonous after a while like there was nothing new to look at. We knew each other’s daily chores and we would strictly adhere to it. Although every relationship is a cyclic process but stagnation is not what you ask for.

One fine day I decided to talk but other important things came up and I realized we were giving time to everything but to ourselves. We were discussing many other important things in life but we stopped discussing us. It was high time and somebody had to interrupt in.

I looked at the calendar and picked up a weekend for an outing. We decided not to go too far because travelling will take away essence of it completely. This was my way to #BringBackTheTouch when I wanted to breathe in a new life to my relationship. I knew the love was omnipresent but a little something was needed to re-ignite the spark. The outing was much more than I had planned for and with so little effort I got so much. Now we are practicing this much more often so that we never have to go through the stagnation any more.

I would suggest to anyone who wants #BringBackTheTouch, with a beautiful skin with Parachute to take out some time and make it special because who doesn’t like to be treated like a queen?

See how Nimrat and Parambrata #BringBackTheTouch

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Toilet for Babli

Feminine hygiene is an important thing in this age and centuries. People who are reading and writing might not realize how blessed they are to have proper houses laid with good amenities. Most of us belong to the middle class if you would like to use that word but our life is pretty much on its path. We get good food to eat, we often go out for food, and we spend holidays and weekends in malls and shop to our hearts will. Let us help all bablis to get an accessible toilet.

Even today there are about 597 million people who are defecating in the open which means more and more chances of infections and diseases. The fact of the matter being that it is not only them who are vulnerable to all these viruses but we stand an equal chance to catch them because we share the same water and we breathe the same air. Most of these people are not even aware of the hazards that it may create and they might easily catch infections.

Open toilets is a major issue for women because they face major problems while going out in the open which not only affects their health but also affects their dignity. Women have to hold back their poop till it gets dark and you can easily imagine what a task it must be to do it every single day for so many years. Since it is not safe to go out in the day but then it becomes equally unsafe to go out in the open alone at night. Most villages do not have proper electricity connection which leaves them to the mercy of criminals every single day and they keep risking their lives for it.

Medically as well holding back poop and defecating in the open has more health hazards then we can think of. It creates a regular problem of diarrhea and intestinal infections among children, diseases like typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis are very common. It also leads to problems of stunted growth and malnutrition in children. Open defecation leads to approximately 2000 children dying every single day because of diarrhea. Not only you even I am shocked at these numbers and something needs to be done about it.

Domex an HUL brand has come up with an initiative of #ToiletForBabli they are looking at sustainable development for all by creating sanitation options for people in the local community. The Toilet Academy is creating awareness about toilets and promoting health and hygiene. They also aim at providing affordable and accessible toilets for one and all. People who really feel for this cause can contribute on the domex website and they will contribute Rs 5 on your behalf.


Amla Health Drink for Winter Season

As winter season approaches your taste for drinks start to change and also the body’s requirement. You will realize even when November has just started the skin has started to feel a little dry and the body temperature has dropped down. Winters have great capability of taking away your skin’s softness and moisture which means you will have to include something in your diet that does that for you. Drinking water is a good option but you do not feel enough thirsty now, especially if you live in the northern part of the country.

My recipe for a regular health drink is simple and it has everything which is easily available in winters. Here is how you make it

Ingredients –

3-4  Amla (Gooseberry)

2 Carrots

1 peeled Aloe Vera leaf


Peel and cut all the ingredients into small pieces and grind it in a mixer. Add little water for a smooth juice. Strain the contents to get a clear juice. This will serve for two cups of juice.

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C. In fact, the Barbados cherry is the only fruit with more vitamin C than amla. Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin because of its disease fighting properties. Amla powder is an easy way to make use of the fruit’s abundance of vitamin C and curative abilities.

Carrots keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Carrots are easily available in Winters. Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A inside the body. It helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays.

Aloe Vera makes the skin soft and smooth especially during the winter months. Aloe Vera balances out the skin’s natural tone, while shrinking large pores and restoring an even texture. Aloe vera can help to clear up acne, reduce facial scarring, and bring relief to red, irritated skin.

I have been drinking this juice regularly and seeing excellent results, do let me know how you feel about it.

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After a break on my blog

When I started my blog sometime last year I decided that this blog will not have personal ramblings about the society and my life because that’s done to death but as I shoveled deep into beauty and fashion I realized there was an equal number of people doing this and it must have only increased since then. Moreover the very fact that I have helped all my friends and relatives to decide their looks for every party and my love for fashion forces me to be here every day of the month and every month of the year.

Holding myself from writing for a month was a tough task to do especially since this was the month of festivities and food. I am sure all of you are as guilty as me for eating too many sweets for DurgaPuja and Diwali. I was also away from Facebook all this while to make my test complete. It seemed like a nightmare at first but as the days progressed I realized that I broke a pattern and then there was peace only so that I could get back with a bang in November.

Looking at the figures and what happens to a tiny year old baby blog after a month –

Alexa Page Rank drops from 35k to 156k

Facebook page reach – 2 people

WordPress cannot show an interesting number either

When most people might feel that I made a huge mistake but trust me it was only for the better. I wanted to see how much time it will take to regain my position in the second flight. It might take me a few months but who cares if an entity wants to live for decades. After this exercise I believe if you really want to test your blog give it a while let it slow down and take time to observe more people. Check for new trends, change your old methods to new.Who knows you might be holding back a caterpillar to become a butterfly!

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