Shave for love

After Ranveer Singh from Ram-Leela every boy in this country wants to sport a rugged look with a little stubble. It is hot, trust me the guys who can carry it off with ease are the ones drooling for and they do get all the necessary female attention in this world but is it for everybody; that is my friend the question. You might like the boy next door with a beard look but would you want to spend the rest of your life with him, I am a little doubtful.

Having a little stubble makes most of the guys look cute and it only takes away their serious and sincere quotient. Though I never thought about it as seriously until I sat down to write this #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette. For more information I spoke to more female friends to get to know their perspective about the stubble and how did they like it in a man. The answers were varied from looking hot to irresistible to stunning and finally worth marrying. While they loved the look their major concern was that the beard might not make them look sincere and loyal to their parents. It may not create the best first impression that they wanted to do so most of them got their boys clean shaved before they met the parents. I agree, to create the best impression a boy must look prim and proper therefore convincing enough that he can take care of the girl he loves forever.

Clean shaven look will make you look nice but a stubble makes him look more manly.On the other hand most of the girls who said they loved the guys with a stubble, which includes me as well also pointed out that sometimes they would have their man clean shaved not only for a different look but to have a soft kiss.

Stay Stylish and have fun!

Her experience with Truth

‘Honesty is the best policy’ one of the most exploited moral teachings in Indian society. Every one would agree but how many us do really practice it, the numbers will be quite low. For example if you own up a mistake the chances are you have to go through the grind instead of being appreciated for the truth. But somewhere deep down inside there is hope for all of us. We want to tell the truth not just to be appreciated but to be satisfied. The happiness and contentment of the truth has not match.

This is the story of a girl who was deeply in love with a boy and so was he. Days passed and nights with it they just came closer to each other. It felt like the perfect life for both of them or as if they were living their biggest dream. The dream of being together, the dream where no third person had a place, the dream which they nurtured together. While they were both very happy and successful finances were giving them a tough time. Both of them spent hours thinking about what to do and how to help each other but every effort went in vain. The self- made people that they were could not think of asking for money from their parents or anyone; because for all these years nobody existed in their life. It was just the two of them who breathed together and lived a single life.

Love can do a lot of things but it cannot feed, the stark reality of this world struck them like lightning. They could barely manage with an average lifestyle and suddenly came their  first date anniversary. This had always been a very special day for both of them and they had been celebrating it year after year. Now this year was a little different but still they wanted to make the most of it. Buying a gift was out of question but the girl was worried but she could not break her promise of giving something very special this time of the year and she got an idea. She went to the market and bought something for him.

finally the sat came and she gifted him the tickets for a vacation, the reaction that she got was not something she had asked for. Instead of being happy he yelled at her for spending her savings like this. She kept mum and walked to the other room without saying a word. she walked up to him the next morning while he was still mad at her. She told him that every night when he slept she was doing night shifts to get this vacation and to make this day special for both of them. The boy’s eyes were filled with tears and so were hers. That’s the power of speaking the truth.