Karva Chauth

Hello girlies,

Karva Chauth is right around the corner and since it is my first one I am a little too excited about it. If you come to ask me I have never seen one celebrate solely because I am a Sindhi and we do not do Karva Chauth, yes and we are proud of it. So after having a love inter- caste marriage here I am with the first festive post for this season. Though I am not a firm believer of the fact that my hunger can do any good to any body else apart from my own waist line nonetheless I am willing to try and go with the wind.


As soon as I hear the word Karva Chauth, a lot of thoughts cross my mind; typically women drenched in the crimson color from top to bottom. We Indian women are the personification of the color red for the entire universe. I have brought together my red stuff which I will be using for KC. I have my checklist before get ready for the day.

Get yourself busy on KC and keep your self updated with all the make up.

  • Eyes

I love the Kohl lit eyes with little shimmer and I think they do the best for an Indian traditional look. It never fails to appeal me and therefore I have Kohl, eye shadow palate and Maskara in place.

  • Face

Since the season is changing and it has become little pleasant from the heat I recommend a your favorite CC cream to get your base ready in a few minutes. Do not forget your pressed powder to finish your final look. I love a little bit of cheek stain for the rouge you might have lost by not eating. 😛

  • Lips

Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend. Trust me, red lips can get you exactly what you want yes it can do it all 😀 :D. I have got my favorite red ready to add to my final look.

  • Nails

No look is complete without a dash of your favorite nails. Do some pretty peppy nail art to woo your man into getting the gift you were dreaming of, this season.

  • Jewellery

I have brought beautiful kundan earrings and red metal bangles to make myself look straight out of a K- serial, though I’d never do it but since already is the Karva Chauth day let me do it completely with pride.

Do mention your comments about how you celebrated your Karva Chauth. This my list of stuff



Stay Stylish!