Why you should be using a hair primer

We all yearn for a beautilicious mane but most of us have our own set of bad experiences with hair products which keep us away from trying something new. For most of us a face primer has become a regular product for parties but a hair primer is something we are not very sure of. Most women love long locks but are not very confident on experimenting so I bring to you some details about hair primers for some quick help.

What are Primers?

The basic function of any primer be it skin or hair has the innate ability to create an even base for the body part involved. A hair primer can be used alone or before other beauty products. It creates a weightless, humidity resistant surface to further apply any beauty product that you need to. It lets you keep away humidity, dirt particles, oil and moisture; moreover it adds to your hairstyle and helps it to stay longer.

There are two major classifications of hair primers that you can do – one helps you to create a shiny foundation for the hair styles and the other one which helps you clear the knots and remove the frizz.


  • ease of availability
  • ease of application
  • helps your hair style stay for very long periods of time
  • keeps away the frizz
  • blends very well with your hair texture
  • you do not feel any additional weight


You must be wondering about how to use the hair primer by yourself, it is very easy. You just need to take a little bit of it and after your hair gets properly cleaned and conditioned you can easily run it through your hair. Make sure you do not rub it or massage it on your scalp. It is best advisable to be used every time you need your damp hair to be styled.

Where to get it

Most leading brands in hair care have hair primers in their kitty. You have a big choice starting from Wella to Sephora and most of these are available online. Stay tuned in for a product review.

Sari with a style


With so many people posting their picks for Diwali this year you know that many girls banking on a sari. After the recent hullabaloo about the sari article and how it defines the Indian women by giving

Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review

Za is a brand rolling a lot of eyeballs in the recent past. Za has lived up to its image for being sophisticated and for the urban woman. Most of these products being aimed at the enhancement of your already beautiful skin making the news. Today I have with you Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review and this is the first time I am trying something from this brand head.

“This collagen cream makes wrinkles less visible and keeps your skin looking firm, smooth and youthful. It can improve and prevent wrinkles caused by dryness and aging, tighten slack skin and impart bouncy resilience.”

The product Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review comes in an attractive pink packaging which is priced at INR 1199 for 40 gm. It has a user friendly bottle which you can carry around with ease.

My verdict

I pretty much liked the texture of za perfect solution restoring collagen cream because it is not too sticky and spreads evenly on your face. Also it has a sweet fragrance which goes away soon after you apply it so that’s kind of an advantage for me. Usually I would not have too many smells gather me when I sleep. Though best suited for dry skin, it is good for people with natural skin but I am not too sure with the Indian oily skin type. Sometimes our skin gets so oily in summers that we hate to apply anything but splash water on our faces before sleeping, it won’t help you that day. Since it is the same product worldwide and it may not go very well with the Indian heat. I would still recommend it for the rest of the year because it does make you feel light and radiant for the next morning without much effort. It is dermatologist tested and does not clog on to your pores. Though it is not parabens free but good enough to go.

Style Meter – 7/10


DIY Diwali Gifts in Style

With the Diwali smell in the air everywhere it is very difficult to keep yourself away from it. Diwali season being my favorite season and festival of all times has always encouraged me to do something. We Hindus feel it is customary to gift people something when they come to our house or the other way around, we are just genetically trained to give and take gifts during Diwali. Everyone who enters the house during this time of the festivities has something sweet in his hand and we do replicate the feeling each time which an extra ounce of sweet and kilos.

Here I have a list of DIY Diwali Gifts which you can give your near and dear ones.

  • Handmade Cards

Nothing can match up to your love for giving or getting a card on a special occasion, remember when we were still in school and making cards for our friends and teachers was something we actually cherished. I am sure most of us still have a small closet with the collection of you self made and gifted cards.

You need –

  1. Hand made paper
  2. Sketch pens, glitter pens
  3. Glitter sticks
  4. tit bits to decorate
  5. glue
  6. scissors

Procedure –

Once you have got your stuff ready all you need to do is get your imagination running, always remember there is nothing right or wrong in art, you can create whatever you like and literally the paper is your oyster.



  • Bandhanwar 

Again if you do not have too much time but still want to add a splash of color and light to a dull corner of your friend’s house, a wall hanging comes very handy. While you are thinking of wall hangings you have to be sure on exactly what you want to do and the time and money that you are willing to give it. For eg if you want to make a paper Toran or Bandhanwar it does not consume that kind of time and energy but similarly if you are looking at something which has a hard board stand and typical cut outs, you will need a carpenter’s help.

You need –

  1. Hand made paper
  2. Sketch pens, glitter pens
  3. Glitter sticks
  4. tit bits to decorate
  5. glue
  6. scissors
  7. hard board base to decorate
  8. Poster colors


You need to get ready with your base and with the help of colors and other trinkets you can get the desired the look of the toran. Here is one with a strong base-


Here is another example without a hard board base –


  • Candle Stands

When you are still exploring for options and want to create something out of your available stuff, candle stands come very handy. Choosing something to decorate a candle won’t be very difficult. You can also pick up simple candles add a sense of your creative skills to it.

You need –

  1. old glasses which can be made into stands
  2. some decoration items
  3. old candles
  4. Paper
  5. scissors
  6. colors


Pick up your stuff and get together with the paints and brushes and unleash your creative talents




Lakme Satin Enrich Lipstick Review


Off late I haven't really brought something from Lakme in lip care so this year while I was getting ready for the razzmatazz I wanted to look beyond my NYC red lip color which mind you, can never ever

Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

Diwali season is right here and I know most of you are running to your hometowns to celebrate festival of light with joy. Today, I bring to you one of my most favorite product for eye make up – Maybelline The Nudes Palette review. I seriously feel it can create your look in a few minutes making you feel confident without much hassle. Though Maybelline had introduced The Nudes Palette quite some time back but this festive season is the right time and place to flaunt it on your eyes. Remember, if you have got it, you need to flaunt it.

This is the Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review


The Nudes Palette has 12 shades which you can mix and match to create your favorite look. This palette provides with a multitude of permutations and combinations to try and create something wonderful every day of this week during Diwali. These are the swatches for you to decide and check

Size of the product – 9 gm

Priced at – INR 1165



The colors begin from the silver dust to a smokey black grey. As I already mentioned being a fan of The Nude Palette, I still feel it is priced a little higher than its contemporaries. Though it does guarantee a smooth free flow touch and it will be best used over a base to create a perfect look. You might want to avoid adding too much base because for some people like me, it instead makes it more and more oily. If you have oily eye-lid skin you will surely like it.

Pro tip 

Get your act together with a light shade and use the dark brown to create a cat eye to match all your Indian outfits.

Style Meter – 7.5

So what are you waiting for get on your eye brushes and do something new this time, Do let us know how you created your favorite look with this Maybelline The Nudes Palette.


Diwali Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Sonam Kapoor who has become a youth fashion icon of-late. Recently Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is catching a lot of attention majorly because of the look the directors have brought in. Coming from Rajshri the movie was sure to come with a lot of Indian family traditional drama and even the songs and the styling of the movie says so. The kind of clothes shown in the movie are far from our daily routine but the good part being we have a lot to take from it  for this festive season.

Sonam and Salman have come out in a total new avatar where we all have high expectations from them. Though I am pretty sure the movie will revolve around the 2000 era cliche but let us take a look for our diwali preps.

Sonam looks stunning in this look and here is all you need  to create one of your own looks like hers.

  • Base

Since it is diwali season round the corner I would recommend a base that is appropriate for normal to dry skin so you do not need and extra layer of cream for good results. Sonam kapoor shows a flawless radiance for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

  • Eyes

You will just need a hint from the nude pallette to enhance your eyes but not so much on your face. I am very fond of nude eye colors because I feel it is capable of giving you your favorite looks for the day as well as the night. Read about Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

  • Lips

The most essential part of any make up for diwali, I believe is a lip color. It can absolutely make or break your image and look. I have chosen my favorite from the color show range by Maybelline.

  • Hair

A hair straightener is all you need to make your rest in place, be it the centre parting or even if you want to flaunt a puff bun right in front you can straighten to get the perfect look.

This is my diwali inspiration from sonam kapoor in Prem ratan dhan payo and I am sure you will have a good time creating this for yourself. Do leave in comments below how did you celebrate diwali.