Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream

We Indians are totally obsessed about fairness and fairness creams though how much ever we deny it, we still belong to that frame of mind. No wonder why fairness creams are such a big thing with us. I recently got my own collection of beauty buys which is the last list for 2015 and got one Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream.

Since a few days I have been religiously using the Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream since moisturisation becomes a necessity in this season. It keeps the skin happy and hydrated without making it look too creamy or oily. I am using it as a base for my makeup and it does the job pretty well. The Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream makes sure it gets my skin fairer and I am seeing positive results when applied daily. Though it would not drastically change one’s skin color but it lightens up your face positively.

When I look for a fairness cream I do not look for some chemical that would suddenly change my skin color and texture but something that just makes my face look lighter and brighter than usual. It is suitable for anyone who is in my category and willing to give it a shot without loosing out on your original skin. I would not advise it for someone expecting overnight results. It is best used with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash or Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash.

Rating – 9/10


It is definitely worth a try!

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash

While I am a loyal user of Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash I usually don’t feel as soft after its use in these brutal North Indian winters so here I have my new favorite to keep up with my cleansing routine for the day that also helps to keep my skin soft – Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash which seems to help you in tough winters, when you are looking for something smooth but equally cleansing. Since the name suggests it has a foaming quality which spreads evenly on your face and the best part is that it gets used in small quantities like other Johnson & Johnson products so you know if you have bought one, you can easily manage with it for one season.

I am using it to clean my face before my base make up followed by my regular dose of Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream and foundation. Even after using a makeup remover I feel the need to wash my face before sleep and this product is my go to every night after a party especially during these days.

Rating – 9/ 10


It is easy to use and does not have any harmful chemicals making it usable on daily basis. It is highly cost effective and best for every skin type in the Indian climate.


Christmas Gifts for your man

With Christmas right here we all want to make our loved ones a little happier. You may or may not believe in Santa Claus but we all believe in gifts during Christmas and for a few days we want to believe that Santa Claus is real. With the Christmas trend setting in we also have the Secret Santa process at our workplaces and why would you not do it for your special someone.

  • Planner

A planner is an age old gift but you can still do it for 2016. You can buy a quirky planner from the various websites or create your own with a collage of your pictures and lovely messages on the cover. What is more lovable than a personalized gift for this festive season!

  • A quirky boxer

Trust me, your man loves when you do it in style for him. A quirky boxer is something that he likes and will be able to use it too. Seems better than the gifts that rest in your drawing rooms and are never opened. You will get ample of options from websites.

  • Drinking glasses

No Christmas party is complete without daru and none without beautiful glasses to pour your favorite drink. You have a wide variety to choose from tequila glasses to wine glasses and it is just a way of hinting at your favorite bottle.

  • Memories

While Facebook is showing you a list of your best memories from the past year and we can inspiration and create a collage of the best moments. Do not make picture collages but take a pen and paper and note down all the best moments spent with your special someone. Adding a dash of personal touch always makes the gift more special.

  • Christmas stationery

Christmas stationery never gets out of vogue, you can pick up from your favorite table accessories like a pen stand, mouse pad or anything else that can be used. You can always get a pretty Santa Claus cap to add to your gift.

Let us know what you finally gave and what did you receive, share your pics below


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Review

Recently I was gifted a bag of Clean & Clear products in my mail. Since my teenage Clean & Clear has been the brand I trust the most when it comes to skincare. While the company has launched a few new products and two new flavors in the morning energy range apart from the older one. It has still maintained the list of its loyal users for all these years like me.

I clearly remember the first pimple that came out and how tensed I was to go school the next day and meet my best friend turned boyfriend. Skeptical enough I went ahead with the Clean & Clear face wash never to leave its side. I have stuck to it and recently I got the three new flavors for myself. Energy berry which is a pink colored granulated face wash with a sweet strawberry like fragrance on your face and Lemon which is a lime green granulated face wash which can provide you with freshness of lemon on a hot summer day. The third is green apple flavored which is green colored and equally refreshing. I am using both depending on my mood for the day.

Though I am a fan of these washes, I still go with the fact that it will dry your skin in the North Indian winters and you will need to apply a lot of cream to keep your skin baby soft. I have a normal skin texture and I would use this maybe in a week but not everyday. I would rather use the Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash  with Clean & Clear Fairness Cream which is just perfect for me.

Rating – 9/10


All Clean & Clear products can be used daily and they have no harmful chemicals in most cases. The products are pocket friendly and easily available on all general stores in India.

Avoid making these lipstick mistakes

Very often when I see a lisptick ruining someone’s smile, I feel something needs to be done badly. You all must have seen those aunties who smile with more lipstick smudged to their teeth than the lips itself and yes we do not want to be party to that group. So let me help to avoid making these lipstick mistakes and do it like a pro.

While dark colors show more than light colors it does not mean you have to abstain from your favorite red and burgundy shade.

Common lipstick mistakes

  • Dehydration – Winters have come, like literally and if your lips are chapped chances are the lip color will not stay evenly and smudge to your teeth while you talk or eat.
  • Lip balm – Lip balm should be a part of your daily skin care regime if you have a tendency of chapped lips, especially before applying any lipstick. You can pick up any colored or white lip balm to moisten your lips.
  • Layering – It is a common opinion that you need to apply the lipcolor thrice to get the real color, trust me it ain’t true. Most of the brands have good shades and the tint should come in maximum two swipes. Any matte lipstick will smudge with multiple use.
  • Lip liner – Whenever you want to shape your lips well, a lip liner is your friend. Do not avoid a lip liner and two extra minutes off your sleep to get that perfect rosy shape.
  • Setting – Even before the pout became a hot tradition we all knew how to make a pouty face to set our lip colors right. You need to set your lips to get it in perfect shape accordingly. Remember to blot the extra color off your lips and create a final look.

While we perfect the art of applying lipstick there are many more who don’t!

Stay Stylish!

Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner

There are some people who swear by gel eyeliners while there is another bunch who think it is a real waste of money and then there is a third category who do not believe in trying something new. They stand for what they have seen in the last so many years – the liquid eyeliner. From the chunk who likes it, they love Maybelline eye studio drama gel eyeliner for more than one reason. This is the first time that I have used a gel eyeliner, read further to know my experience with it.

Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner claims to stay for 36 hours without smudging but trust me, a girl like me would not stay in the same eyeliner for so long. I did use it for over 12 hours and it just worked fine. It really did not smudge leaving me not -so -conscious till I got home.

Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner comes in a package with a small bottle with the gel eyeliner and a brush for application. The brush is small but has soft bristles for precise application. The best part is that you can create just a thin outline or a dramatic winged eyeliner with the same ease since it has a two way brush.

Price – 449 for 2.5 gm


  • Ease of application because of the brush
  • Easy storage and maintenance
  • varied types of application
  • easy on pocket
  • gives a neat matte finish
  • can be used daily
  • Two way brush for better application


  • May or may not work well for 36 hours
  • people who prefer pencils are not very comfortable using it
  • dries too easily


  • The eye liner dries very fast so it does not smudge.
  • The color is not very intense black
  • You can spread it and use it to complement your eye shadow
  • It has a gel like finish and it easily glides on your skin
  • Easily removable with a cleansing milk or a makeup remover

Rating – 8/10