Book review – Messages from the masters

We enjoyed a lot last night. It was indeed a happy day in my life. I had just told everyone that I was expecting my first child and we were on cloud nine.

Next morning I went to the doctor for my checkup, it had already been 2 months now but the doctor found something unusual.  She sent me for a few more tests when she told me not to worry but I did sense something. After two days when we got the reports we understood, it had been too early for a celebration.

The doctor finally told me that the baby was abnormal and we have to get rid of it. I yelled in disbelief, “Get rid of it!?” but we had no other option.

I cried, sat in the temple for hours and asked God to save me; waiting for a miracle to happen. My cousin dropped in and her honesty hit me, she said, “In There is no way that I can understand your pain and nothing that I have to say will reduce your grief but this is all that I have to give you” and she handed me a book. , Messages from the Masters by Brain Weiss, and I told her that I am not a reader and I don’t feel like reading.

She insisted a lot that I should start. The first few pages did not make any sense to me and in the meanwhile the doctor told me that we have to wait for a week before the abortion. So just crying, cursing and fighting with God I made another effort with the book (it was just a way of shooing off people who came to meet me)

The book spoke about people going into past lives and meeting their loved ones and resolving a lot of emotional issues, fin. Finding their soul mates in the present life and this induced some interest in me. Everyone in the family was telling me the same old thing, “beta, everything happens for your own good” but I could not figure out any good in it. I did not know how to console myself, I still had 5 more days with my baby; my heart sank.

I read ahead and during this one particular episode the woman was taken back to the time of her birth, in the womb before she was born and I could easily relate to it being a mother now. It showed how a child can hear and feel everyone around even before being born which explained how children whose parents are more welcoming towards the new born the baby become physically and emotionally stronger.

I read more experiences of people and it told spoke of how we decide to live with our loved ones at the soul level itself. It stresses on the point and has sufficient proof that we do come back to our loved ones and in most cases people have recognized their family members and close friends in other life-times. I started to meditate as per the book and my faith in God became stronger. I had become more spiritual and I could feel the healing.

The thing that struck me the most was that the writer of the book had suffered a similar tragedy- he lost his 24-day old son, I know how it must have felt but during a regression he found out that it had happened for his own success later in his life.

The toughest day of my life was here, but I did not cry even for a single moment. Because I know my baby is not going far from me.  Instead it (I don’t know whether it’s a she or he) is waiting for the right time to come into our life. I needed to let it go because it is for the larger good for all of us.

I feel stronger emotionally and thank you God for giving me such a wonderful experience for two months.

I sat in the car to come back home and my husband played the radio on which this song was playing-sang  “So close no matter how far”- and I hugged him tightly.

Things not to miss during a Haridwar – Rishikesh Trip

Amidst all the summer and humor of UP we decided to take in a small getaway for 3 days to the holy cities of Haridwar Rishikesh though there was nothing holy about our trip still we had a chance to go out of the hustle bustle of the city and get some space to ourselves.

Our trip began with our train getting late for almost 7 hours and making our vacation shorter by 420 minutes. The train journey was indeed tiresome and we almost got down and sat on random station benches striking a SRK – Deepika Chennai Express pose. But once you are out of your desk on a weekday you really enjoy every bit of it. Be it talking to random people in the train or sitting on one berth and playing cards.

The first day was spent at a lush green resort which is Aalia Resort in the remote outskirts of Haridwar and trust me it looked nothing close to the holy city. It has all the modern amenities and could fight any resort in NCR. The best part were the villas that we got to stay in. It has plush rooms full of garden view and a very tiny swimming pool which we hardly used.


  •  The next day was spent in going to Rishikesh and enjoying the Ganga kinara. One piece of advise for all those who are reading this you have to have prior bookings when you to Rishikesh during a weekend. It took us more than 2 hours to settle in for a hotel there. They have beautiful resorts but most of the places are pre booked. After finally getting into a decent place we went in to explore the city. For most of the people who have been to these places would agree that the day starts early and it gets pitch dark post 10 pm. We could only see the visitors after that and most of the places got closed down.


  • Har ki pauri is one the most famous Ganga ghats in India, we spent a full day there drenching ourselves in holy waters. Even when it was so hot the water was freezing inside.
  • River rafting is something most people get excited about and we had a lot of fun while we rowed upstream, the process absolutely tires your body but it is worth a try. You may take a smaller ride if you are not fond of adventure sports or water sports.


  • For someone like me who loves to sit by the water we found great café facing Lakshman Jhula and thankfully it rained that day so it was not that hot that night. What a sight that was! we could see ganga aarti and we were drinking coffee with the cool breeze.

It was for me a much needed break.