Amla Health Drink for Winter Season

As winter season approaches your taste for drinks start to change and also the body’s requirement. You will realize even when November has just started the skin has started to feel a little dry and the body temperature has dropped down. Winters have great capability of taking away your skin’s softness and moisture which means you will have to include something in your diet that does that for you. Drinking water is a good option but you do not feel enough thirsty now, especially if you live in the northern part of the country.

My recipe for a regular health drink is simple and it has everything which is easily available in winters. Here is how you make it

Ingredients –

3-4  Amla (Gooseberry)

2 Carrots

1 peeled Aloe Vera leaf


Peel and cut all the ingredients into small pieces and grind it in a mixer. Add little water for a smooth juice. Strain the contents to get a clear juice. This will serve for two cups of juice.

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C. In fact, the Barbados cherry is the only fruit with more vitamin C than amla. Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin because of its disease fighting properties. Amla powder is an easy way to make use of the fruit’s abundance of vitamin C and curative abilities.

Carrots keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Carrots are easily available in Winters. Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A inside the body. It helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays.

Aloe Vera makes the skin soft and smooth especially during the winter months. Aloe Vera balances out the skin’s natural tone, while shrinking large pores and restoring an even texture. Aloe vera can help to clear up acne, reduce facial scarring, and bring relief to red, irritated skin.

I have been drinking this juice regularly and seeing excellent results, do let me know how you feel about it.

Stay Stylish!


After a break on my blog

When I started my blog sometime last year I decided that this blog will not have personal ramblings about the society and my life because that’s done to death but as I shoveled deep into beauty and fashion I realized there was an equal number of people doing this and it must have only increased since then. Moreover the very fact that I have helped all my friends and relatives to decide their looks for every party and my love for fashion forces me to be here every day of the month and every month of the year.

Holding myself from writing for a month was a tough task to do especially since this was the month of festivities and food. I am sure all of you are as guilty as me for eating too many sweets for DurgaPuja and Diwali. I was also away from Facebook all this while to make my test complete. It seemed like a nightmare at first but as the days progressed I realized that I broke a pattern and then there was peace only so that I could get back with a bang in November.

Looking at the figures and what happens to a tiny year old baby blog after a month –

Alexa Page Rank drops from 35k to 156k

Facebook page reach – 2 people

WordPress cannot show an interesting number either

When most people might feel that I made a huge mistake but trust me it was only for the better. I wanted to see how much time it will take to regain my position in the second flight. It might take me a few months but who cares if an entity wants to live for decades. After this exercise I believe if you really want to test your blog give it a while let it slow down and take time to observe more people. Check for new trends, change your old methods to new.Who knows you might be holding back a caterpillar to become a butterfly!

Stay Stylish

Collegedunia Review

Recently when I was searching for a college for my sister I stumbled upon Collegedunia. The site has various options for students interested in any category. Since my sister is in her last year of school she needs to go to a good college and you can imagine how painful the whole process can be sometimes. Even when you know what you want to do you still need some guidance. Moreover if you want to go in for something not as common as engineering or medical you have had it in your house and among your relatives. Half of the people think you are not good enough to pursue any of these courses the other half think you want to take your life for granted and you will eventually never succeed and regret this decision of yours.

When I was struggling with my sister to find a perfect place which could give us all the information we needed I checked Collegedunia and it seemed like a savior. The site has complete information about all courses like Medical, Management, Engineering, Arts, Science and Commerce. They give you a consolidated information about how to reach a particular college for a particular course in any of these streams. They also list out various vocational courses like Fashion and Interior Design for anyone who wants to unleash his creativity . The website is user friendly and lets you search everything with no hassles.

The website keeps you updated with what is happening in education sector and how the environment is affecting your kind of education that you would like to pursue. Their information is not restricted to courses but it also covers about universities and colleges with respective cities. When you open the website you can happily choose your options like the type of course that you want together with the stream and location. Once you select all this they will easily provide you the list of everything that you need.

The website looks like a friendly tool for all you to be college students and you can make the best of it by updating yourself with the industry trends. All in all I will rate this website as 8.5/10 where all the information you need is available at a single platter. K

My Shopping with Zoutons

Its summer and we are in a mood for some retail therapy for our vacations and trips. While I was looking up for a few pocket friendly options. I wanted to buy a lot of stuff and then I fumbled over Zoutons. Very rarely do we come across a website where we get exactly what we want. Zoutons was one such experience for me. Zoutons is a coupon site where you can get coupons for the biggest online malls like Flipkart Coupons, Myntra Coupons, Snapdeal Coupons etc.


This is how it looks like –







I am totally impressed by the number partners they have, its like anyone and everyone who you want to buy from! They have parenting products to Jewellery to Clothes to website owners and lots more. The number of bank options that they have and the ease of use is totally flattering. The website is highly user friendly.



My Experience

I indulged in coupons for clothes and cosmetics because ‘No girl can have enough’. I got my coupons easily and I like that they have paired with all the big banks so you do not have to worry about any online transaction.

I came to know of my childhood friend’s wedding and I was totally confused as to what should I give her. Since it would be her special day I wanted to make it special in my own way. Frankly I did not know what to do and it was only one week to her wedding and that is the time when Zoutons came to be my savior. I had already made a transaction with them so I was sure about the process and the timing involved. It again took me a few hours to select the gifts for her after looking up many pages of many sites and finally I bought her some Jewelry which I thought was a good option. I quickly browsed through the site for a few coupons and here I was all ready till the gift was delivered to me. I neatly gift wrapped it and gifted it to her on her wedding day. She loved the gift and I loved the experience and the ease with which the whole process took place.

It came to me as an angel in disguise where Zoutons helped me to solve the problem of finding the perfect the gift.

Keep shopping and keep enjoying

Stay Stylish!





Dove Hair Play with Indiblogger

I recently attended the Dove #hairplay meet by Indiblogger at J W Marriott in Mumbai. The evening began with registration and getting badges of our names. So cool, isn’t it?

IMG-20140512-WA0030 IMG-20140512-WA0029

We started by getting chopped into small groups but we had our very own photo sessions and a happy round of starters before that. They started by playing the ring game and warming up with a little Zomba. You should have seen the energy in that room then, we were ten girls and we became friends almost immediately.

20140511_161500 20140511_161541

There were many other activities like hair styling, puzzle making and the drink making competition. We all got salon services as a part of the event and we could change our look within no time. We all enjoyed thoroughly as the event ended with a flash mob. It was a memorable experience as it was my first event.

IMG-20140512-WA0012 IMG-20140512-WA0016

The cherry on the cake was the return gift which had dove conditioner and shampoo, a hair straightener and a dove clip. They made it a point to make us feel special. I loved the hospitality by J W Marriott and efficient management by the Indiblogger Team in Mumbai.

See my dove hair play video here

Stay Stylish!

My tryst with India Circus

I was looking for an I pad cover and I did not want to buy something very mundane. I was looking for something as tedha and stylish as I am.I have been loving India Circus products because of their quirkiness and Krisna Mehta’s designs. I frankly loved all their products and I wanted to buy them all. But according to my requirements I went up and zeroed down on two products.

I picked up an I pad sleeve which was multicolored and designer, the best part being I could style it with anything that I wore. My I pad mini will be very glad to get new clothes and that too such cool ones. Here is my I pad sleeve.




The next thing that caught my eye was this sling bag in green and purple and I just couldn’t leave it. It just felt perfect for my small needs and the colors and design is good to be taken everywhere. I love those chappals in many colors. It can be styled with a simple tee and denims for summers or even my everyday traditional look to work. This is my bag


More styling tips coming up in the next post!

Stay Stylish!

Collaborated Post with –

10 Blogging Tips to increase blog traffic

We as bloggers keep looking for tips and tricks to improve blogging and gain more audience. I also spend a lot of time online everyday to learn more trends and to see what all can I do to make it big. To be in the competition for a long time.

  • Your Blog Topic

Do not limit your blog to a small topic where the number of readers is very less. Do not become a niche blogger, be specific but also cover a wide variety of related topics. You need to create more audience so keep mentioning stuff that more people would like to read.

  • Inverted Triangle

Whenever you are writing about a topic make sure you write an introduction because your reader is not an expert in the subject as you are. Follow the Inverted triangle method where your topics go general to specific.Use images and info-graphics to explain concepts

  • Blog your love

Write about something that you like to do, it could be traveling or photography or any random thing in this world, I am sure you will get takers for it. If you are Sheldon from TBBT you might do a ‘Fun with Flags’ and trust me it can work.

  • Post Name

Your post name or your heading should have relevant keywords if possible. Make the heading suggestive of your post let your readers understand what are you going to tell them. Use numbers like ‘5 tips or 10 ways’ your readers will like it.

  • Quote

Quote famous people from your field and if possible get them to speak something about you. Most of them might not be accessible but do use them. If you realize all fashion blogs have Coco Chanel’s quotes in some or the other way.

  • Networking

It is very important to let people know of your blog. Join communities or blog forums, participate in discussions. Since you are not writing for yourself alone make sure your readers know you. Do guest posts here and there.

  • Be Consistent

Many people start blogs at the same time but they are not consistent in posting which is a very very big mistake on their part. This is the biggest mistake I did with my previous blog and I didn’t blog for a few years and the blog audience had just gone.


  • Content

If content is the King, remember presentation is the queen. The king would not look complete without it. You can have generic content but very well presented and it will stand out. Make sure the tone of your voice is simple and personal so that readers feel good.

  • Social Media

‘Do not underestimate the power of a Social Media Platform’. Most of the people majorly use Facebook but Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and Stumbleupon is something you can use. Depending on your blog topic and audiences. If you have more female users go to Pinterest and if you have more men stick to Instagram.

social media ss

I hope this is some food for thought.

Stay Stylish!