Winter Face Packs

Finally we see the winter Sun. Today when I woke up there was fog and I wanted to cuddle up little more with my cappuccino in bed. While I am doing rounds of stuff to get my winter skincare in place I picked up my favorite ingredients to create my most effective winter face packs. All these packs can be easily made at home within a few minutes.

  1. Milk and honey winter face pack


6 spoons of full cream milk

2 spoons honey

2 spoons aloe vera gel

2 spoons of powdered oatmeal

one bowl

one spoon to mix


Churn the oatmeal in a mixer grinder. You need to mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Apply it evenly on your face and neck and let it dry. It would take somewhere around 15 minutes after that you can wash it with lukewarm water.


This pack contains few of the best things for your winter skin – milk and honey both these provide fresh pampering and moisture to your skin. Oatmeal and aloe vera acts as a scrub to remove all your dead skin cells but gently. You can use it once a week depending on your daily routine.


2. Coconut oil and Banana winter face pack


half banana

5-6 spoons of coconut oil

one bowl to mix


Smash the banana into small pieces and mix coconut oil with it in the bowl. For best results churn the banana and frozen coconut oil into a mixer grinder, you will get an even mixture or you can also heat the coconut oil to mix well with your fingers. Apply it on your face and neck. You need to let it rest for over 15 minutes when you feel your skin is getting dried.


There is not substitute for what coconut oil can do to your skin in winters and instead of making it look too oily, the banana makes it just perfect for use. Since it is a mild face pack you may use it as much as you like.


3. Rosewater and Olive Oil winter face pack


Few drops of rose water

3-4 spoons of yogurt

1 spoon of olive oil

a bowl to mix


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl to create an even mixture. You may let it dry for 10 minutes and rub it well on your face. The olive oil massage will give a hydrating effect


Rose water and yogurt act as a natural tan remover and adding olive oil it makes it smooth for your skin. Olive oil is the best moisturizer for your face during these winter months.

Let us know which winter face packs you use

Stay Stylish!


Detox your body

We are in the first week of 2016 and the last few days have been crazy. I am sure all of us started our parties around christmas and this is the time when we are back on track, not literally though. One good thing about winters is that it lets you hide the extra kilos with style. I love winters for that (just kidding) jokes apart I still love winters. Since I have been equally subjected to an over dose of food, cakes and drinks now is the time to detox.

Detox is a process by which you use various methods to clean your body inside out. It means you are removing all the toxic materials from your body and replacing it with nutrients and healthy food.

Today I will talk about a few easy tips to detox your body. These are small thinks which will help you cleanse your system and depending on your routine you can assimilate it in your food habits-

  • Your first meal should not be a caffeine drink. It is most advisable to stick to green tea or a fruit smoothie for best results.
  • Try eating your fruits instead of taking juices because your body needs the fiber which is thrown away while making a juice
  • Water is a very essential element which helps you detox. You need to ideally have about 15 glasses of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Replace one meal with organic foods such as salads or fruits.
  • Try fasting for a day, trust me it can give you great results.
  • Add fiber foods to your daily diet.
  • Add probiotic foods in your diet such as yogurt, it not only helps to clean but also develops your immune system for the better.
  • Add green and citrus foods in your diet – amla, cucumber, lemon etc
  • Get proper sleep

I am sure with these few habits your definitely feel lighter and it will help you to detox your body after the new year season and get you ready for the shadi season



DIY Diwali Gifts in Style

With the Diwali smell in the air everywhere it is very difficult to keep yourself away from it. Diwali season being my favorite season and festival of all times has always encouraged me to do something. We Hindus feel it is customary to gift people something when they come to our house or the other way around, we are just genetically trained to give and take gifts during Diwali. Everyone who enters the house during this time of the festivities has something sweet in his hand and we do replicate the feeling each time which an extra ounce of sweet and kilos.

Here I have a list of DIY Diwali Gifts which you can give your near and dear ones.

  • Handmade Cards

Nothing can match up to your love for giving or getting a card on a special occasion, remember when we were still in school and making cards for our friends and teachers was something we actually cherished. I am sure most of us still have a small closet with the collection of you self made and gifted cards.

You need –

  1. Hand made paper
  2. Sketch pens, glitter pens
  3. Glitter sticks
  4. tit bits to decorate
  5. glue
  6. scissors

Procedure –

Once you have got your stuff ready all you need to do is get your imagination running, always remember there is nothing right or wrong in art, you can create whatever you like and literally the paper is your oyster.



  • Bandhanwar 

Again if you do not have too much time but still want to add a splash of color and light to a dull corner of your friend’s house, a wall hanging comes very handy. While you are thinking of wall hangings you have to be sure on exactly what you want to do and the time and money that you are willing to give it. For eg if you want to make a paper Toran or Bandhanwar it does not consume that kind of time and energy but similarly if you are looking at something which has a hard board stand and typical cut outs, you will need a carpenter’s help.

You need –

  1. Hand made paper
  2. Sketch pens, glitter pens
  3. Glitter sticks
  4. tit bits to decorate
  5. glue
  6. scissors
  7. hard board base to decorate
  8. Poster colors


You need to get ready with your base and with the help of colors and other trinkets you can get the desired the look of the toran. Here is one with a strong base-


Here is another example without a hard board base –


  • Candle Stands

When you are still exploring for options and want to create something out of your available stuff, candle stands come very handy. Choosing something to decorate a candle won’t be very difficult. You can also pick up simple candles add a sense of your creative skills to it.

You need –

  1. old glasses which can be made into stands
  2. some decoration items
  3. old candles
  4. Paper
  5. scissors
  6. colors


Pick up your stuff and get together with the paints and brushes and unleash your creative talents





Jabong IOFW is doing wonders for the Online Fashion Show, going by the interviews I can clearly see a lot of enthusiasm among the participants. The Make up artists seem most kicked up because they don’t get to compete easily and at such a huge platform.

The Make up artists have use different products and colors to add glamour. Revlon Colorstay products are loved by all artists be it Colorstay foundation or the Eye shadow palette. Most of these artists have used dramatic eyes with simpler face and lips. This is done to look good in photographs and create an impact.

To find out the action click here

Lots and lots more about the event coming up in the following posts

Stay Stylish!


How to Clean your make up Brushes

We are all very fond of make up and use our brushes with love but when it comes to cleaning, we all get lazy to clean them. You might get confused as to what products to use so here i have the solution to your problem-

You can do it in a few steps

  • Take some water in a bowl and put some shampoo in it till it shows some lather
  • Gently dip all your make up brushes and move them in a circular fashion in it so that it cleans well
  • Repeat till you feel it is cleaned
  • Then dip shampoo conditioner in another bowl in water
  • Gently clean your brushes again
  • Finally put some oil in a cotton swab and use it to make your brushes shine
  • If your brushes feel sticky you can repeat the steps
  • Dry them gently with a towel


Make this a monthly practice if you have high make up usage else you can give a time of 2 months.

Do tell me how your experience went.

Stay Stylish!

5 minute homemade face make over

You all must be thinking what do I mean by 5 min make over, I mean you have so many products easily available in your home that you can use for immediate glow on your face. These items are just a closet away!

  • Milk

Whatever your skin type is, it is best to wash your face with milk just before applying some make up to create an excellent base. You can also use a milk wash and flaunt a no make up look

  • Honey

Apply honey on your face and leave it for 2-3 mins and then wash it off with water. It might make your face look a little red but not to worry, it will be fine soon.

  • Aloe Vera

You can pluck a small leaf from your back yard and rub the gel evenly on your face for about 2 mins. It helps you create a great base and also helps you remove the tiredness soon

  • Tomato

Take a tomato slice and rub it on your face for about 2 mins, tomato is a great bleaching agent and will give you a fresh and fairer look soon.

  • Cream

Cream or malai whichever is easily available in your refrigerator you have to apply it on your face and wash off after about 2 mins and your skin will get soft and supple.

Do not use face was after any of these as it will remove the moisture coating from the skin.

Easy isn’t it?

Stay Stylish!

Declutter your Wardrobe

We saw a lot of decluttering exercise happening this year, from a past few years we have been stressing a lot on decluttering because it does not only affect you physically but also help you gain a lot of mental peace as well. Also inversely if you have a lot of clutter you tend to gain a lot of body weight.

The place where we clutter the most is our wardrobes because we never have enough clothes, yes I know even I feel the same thing so here are a few steps by which you can declutter-

  • Jeans

All our jeans are very comfortable but you have to start looking out for the ones that have worn out from the feet, that’s the first place. Wherever you notice it is rubbed too much and starts getting holes that’s the time to say bye to the denims.

  • T shirts

Don’t wait till they become your night dress and then the duster, give it to someone needy before that because I am sure we get the replacement done way before that.

  • Woollens

Woolens don’t fade away soon as we wear them only for a few months of the year and we all have our favorite denim jacket that we can’t imagine our life without. Leave it as soon as you get another replacement.

  • Dresses

We can’t keep them all and we can’t throw them all, the plight is the same. Still you could share it with some of your close friends. This way your dresses will have a longer life in multiple cupboards

  • Sarees

Save your sarees for the special days and give them to your daughters and daughters in law, trust me they will love it!

You need to keep a few things in mind for everything in your wardrobe

  1. Do not pile up clothes that you have stopped wearing
  2. Keep updating your wardrobe by removing old stuff
  3. Don’t cling on your love to your clothes
  4. Buy 1 and remove 2 to keep it decluttered
  5. Repeat from point 1

 Stay Decluttered

Stay Stylish!