NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

Hello my lovelies, every time that I go lipstick surfing red color is always my go to. I agree with all the girls who say a tint of red color can do wonders for us. I would judge a lipstick by its red color and then decide it is worth buying or no. Recently I stumbled upon this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream online and I have always fallen for the reds by NYX. So I picked up NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam after seeing the swatches.

NYX used to be my favorite since my high school much before online businesses came into existence. I got one from a big shop in Mumbai and I lost it on the day of bae’s birthday. I was so full of myself that day that I didn’t realize dropping my wallet and also my favorite red lipcolor.

Product Claims – Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this Matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a Matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some Matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.

Price – 8ml for INR 600

Lip creams are a revolution in the lipcolor segment; I have loved them for their ease of use and rich color. Lip creams come in a packaging like a gloss and dry up like a matte lipstick. The best thing is it does not chap your lips like a normal matte lipstick would do. You might want to use a lip balm as a base if you have superdry and chapped lips like I do.

You can use two lip cream shades and create the perfect ombre lips that are the in thing of the day. Create a base with a lip balm and use a dark shade lip cream for the first color. Add the other lighter shade to create an ombre impression and finish with a transparent gloss.

The color is the prettiest red, it has that English touch to it. It still is quite bright but giving me a desired look every time. It suits very well for my traditional as well as my western outfits. I love to pair it with my black dresses.

Style Meter – 8.5/10

Pros of Matte Soft Lip Cream Amsterdam

  • I love the shade, it is the most wearable red
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • It spreads very evenly on the skin
  • Non transfer, longlasting formula

Cons of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

  • Little extra dry for my lips

5 ways to do up an old sari

We all have our mother’s or grand- mother’s beautiful saree collection that none of them wears. Moreover that stuff is so intricate and expensive that they would not want to give away easily. When I got down to open my grand-mom’s wardrobe shortly after she passed away I can’t start to tell you what amazing clothes I saw. She had saved her wedding saree and a lot of other sarees in designs I would not know of. With a few I loved the colors, with a few others I loved their borders and a few were made of such material which had not spoiled in so many years. I had the privilege of getting her wedding saree and all of you know what will be my next pick for a friend’s wedding.

  • Dye

Some clothes get dirty with time or some times a light color would not look as vibrant as it did earlier. The best thing is to go your dyer and dye it in a darker shade. It is advisable to keep the color family same for best results or else you could go with black. One can never go wrong with a sexy black saree.

  • Blouse

Even if you pick up your an old saree I still insist on getting a new blouse. Even if you fit in it might not look as stunning. Opt in for a contrasting print with a plain saree and get it designed with the best back neck and add a latkan with a deep back to add oomph.

  • Silver / Golden

If you are absolutely not sure of the print combination you can go for the evergreen silver or gold depending on the color of work your sari has. Or you may just get a smart golden and silver blouse to avoid any confusion when you are borrowing sarees from anyone.

  • Border

A border can be your savior when you are trying to renew an old sari go to market and pick up a printed border. Since floral and tie & dye is quite in you can go for the same border blouse combination to complete the look. It can help you add bling to a plain saree.


  • Stitch

A stitch in time can save nine, literally when you fee you need to add glam to the old sari go for a different stitch. You could get the palla and get it attached to an entirely different fabric to create a new look. Half patterns are still available in the market and stitching also means no draping :)

When I picked up my grand-mom’s saree I went ahead and got a sexy golden blouse and brought life to the purple golden sari.


Things not to miss during a Haridwar – Rishikesh Trip

Amidst all the summer and humor of UP we decided to take in a small getaway for 3 days to the holy cities of Haridwar Rishikesh though there was nothing holy about our trip still we had a chance to go out of the hustle bustle of the city and get some space to ourselves.

Our trip began with our train getting late for almost 7 hours and making our vacation shorter by 420 minutes. The train journey was indeed tiresome and we almost got down and sat on random station benches striking a SRK – Deepika Chennai Express pose. But once you are out of your desk on a weekday you really enjoy every bit of it. Be it talking to random people in the train or sitting on one berth and playing cards.

The first day was spent at a lush green resort which is Aalia Resort in the remote outskirts of Haridwar and trust me it looked nothing close to the holy city. It has all the modern amenities and could fight any resort in NCR. The best part were the villas that we got to stay in. It has plush rooms full of garden view and a very tiny swimming pool which we hardly used.


  •  The next day was spent in going to Rishikesh and enjoying the Ganga kinara. One piece of advise for all those who are reading this you have to have prior bookings when you to Rishikesh during a weekend. It took us more than 2 hours to settle in for a hotel there. They have beautiful resorts but most of the places are pre booked. After finally getting into a decent place we went in to explore the city. For most of the people who have been to these places would agree that the day starts early and it gets pitch dark post 10 pm. We could only see the visitors after that and most of the places got closed down.


  • Har ki pauri is one the most famous Ganga ghats in India, we spent a full day there drenching ourselves in holy waters. Even when it was so hot the water was freezing inside.
  • River rafting is something most people get excited about and we had a lot of fun while we rowed upstream, the process absolutely tires your body but it is worth a try. You may take a smaller ride if you are not fond of adventure sports or water sports.


  • For someone like me who loves to sit by the water we found great café facing Lakshman Jhula and thankfully it rained that day so it was not that hot that night. What a sight that was! we could see ganga aarti and we were drinking coffee with the cool breeze.

It was for me a much needed break.



This Summer/Spring collection of Lakme Fashion Week brought about a new trend on the runway – Illuminate. Illuminate by definition means something that has an inner glow that shines and sparkles by itself. If you are someone keeping track of international makeup trends you would have definitely followed up on the illuminate technique of makeup and its product.

LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE ILLUMINATE is a collection by Lakme where it has a got a collection of new face makeup with a lot of shimmer and shine. I am loving how illuminate technique is making its way in our lives and I really like the collection.

Lakme Illuminate Collection has –

  • 11 Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist
  • 3 Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner
  • 2 Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette
  • 15 Lakme Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer

Gel Stylist is a set of 11 nail paints which are good to go with all your outfits.

The Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner is a retractable pencil with a rubber grip from the Lakme Illuminate Collection. The pencil is shaped differently unlike most other kohl pencils. The texture is creamy and something between a pencile and a liner. Since it has a great finish you can use it in various ways. You can easily outline your eyes and give a little oomph your eyes in just a few minutes. it is creamy enough and does not bleed easily, once you have got the perfect color with a few strokes it does not transfer. The pencil glides almost perfectly and has three colors –  Burnished Brown, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. It is priced at 850

The Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmer is a new range of shimmery lipsticks from the illuminate collection. I always like shimmery lipsticks but I am not too fond of Lakme lipsticks because of a distinct strong smell they have. I find it in most of their lipsticks like this one too. These lipsticks are available in 15 shades and I am sure you can take your pick. These colors have a varied range of red and pinks. It is priced at 700.

The Lakme Absolute Illuminate Eye Shadow is available in two variants – Gold and Silver. This is the first time where Lakme has created shimmery eye shadow pallet and I would have them add on to a few more colors. Though I still feel the pallet has very wearable colors and you can use them for most of your outings. You might use them more for highlighting than for the shadow itself. It is priced at 995

Style Meter – 7/10



Trial room etiquette

Shopping means lots and lots of trying new clothes and we girls just love that. It could be trying for a new size and we all want to fit in the smaller than usual :). I think they have limited the number of three garments only because they know it is almost impossible to control a girl from trying in new stuff they have in their store. We all go shopping here and there and most of the brands like Zara, Kazo, Vero Moda are our regular favorites. Though we have been using their trail rooms for years now we still need to learn trial room etiquette.

I have list of trial room etiquette which needs to be effective from this very moment –

  • Size matters

Yes Size does matter, trust me whenever you are not so sure about your size; it is advisable that you pick up the larger one. It is great to fit in the smaller one but you don’t want to spoil their clothes while trying to get into them.

  • Layering

No doubt layering is a part of your style but do not try a new top over what you are already wearing. It will never show you the perfect shape which flaunts your body.

  • Do not shy away

Girlies never, never shy from getting the right underclothes just because you don’t feel perfectly comfortable discussing about it but I am sure you will find some shop or else you can read about the ultimate bra guide.

  • Make up

Though most of the Indian stores fail to mention it but you have to always make sure that your make up does not soil the dress. You will never buy a dress soiled with your red lipcolor or not to mention your red sindoor or even kohl in the most rare cases. I have seen girls be most careless about it. You can read more about my favorite non transfer lipsticks.

Let us know what do you think about Trail room etiquette

My Hat Story

Adding a new accessory can create a new look in a few seconds. The best thing about accessorizing is that if you it well even your dullest clothes can make you look like a style diva. Summer is approaching and you might as well pick up something that is here to stay throughout the season. While still thinking of the best I picked the hat to be my friend for a days out.

Adding an extra oomph to your look with a little hint of style never goes wrong. We can take that inspiration from Bollywood Celebrities who resort to different products when it comes to standing out in the crowd yet maintaining their desired image.

Here is how you can create the Hat Story –

  • Casual Denim Day

When you are thinking of going out with a black plain top with a tattered denim to complete. Pick up a matching a hat to create make it look completely chic and casual.

  • Dressing up

When you have picked up an old printed dress and want to pump it up for an evening out. Get a plain hat to complete the look with a hint of bright lipstick.

  • Derby

That’s one occasion where you can’t leave your hat. It is an inseparable part of your out on the Derby day. Go through any Derby album and I am sure you will get the best ideas for your hats and caps.

  • My version

I went to see the Taj Mahal this year to celebrate my first valentine’s day with my hubby. I wore a red cape since it was the color of the day with black jeggings. Since I wanted very natural looking makeup I used Lakme 9 to 5 Mousse Foundation with  Lakme Eyeconic Kajal paired with little Oriflame Very Me Cherry and finally added Estee Lauder Candy Shimmer to give a natural look.

This is my final look



Colour Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipsticks

After the success of Color Riche Reds, recently Loreal came out with the Colour Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipsticks collection and showed us what it looks like to have #Lifeinpink it is a situation when everything around you is blissful. I feel it is true for every girl when you are surrounded by beautiful pink things all around you. Even before looking at all the shades and swatches I fell in love with the idea of #lifeinpink.

Since Loreal always has celebrities attached to it this time for Colour Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipsticks they have roped in JLo, Blake, Eva, Aish, Naomi, Liya, Dotzen for Moist Matte Lipsticks priced at 995; Peony, Gong, Katrina, Julianne, Sonam for Star Pink Extraordinaire Mat Lip Color priced at 950; Aishwarya, Katrina, Sonam for Star Pink nail polishes priced at 299.

Here is more about Colour Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipsticks

Star Collection J Lo’s Pink – Seems to be perfect for medium to dark skin tones. I love the shade because it has that berry look to it. It is a must have for your party vanity kit.

L’Oreal Paris Blake’s Pink – A good choice for lighter skin tones. It has a soft coral look it and is a good choice for a summer day out.

L’Oreal Paris Doutzen’s Pink – A very bright pink. I think each of us should own this shade, it can easily complement you on most occasions.

Star Collection Liya’s Pink – It is a reddish pink shade can be used by all Indian skin tones for occasion wear. The shade would compliment all Indian skin tones.

L’Oreal Paris Aishwarya’s Pink – A soft pink shade with little shimmer. Since the shade is matte you should exfoliate your lips well for the perfect finish.

Star Collection Eva’s Pink– This is the most regular brownish pink that most of us swear by. It is perfect with highlighted eyes or smokey eye makeup.

Star Collection Naomi’s Pink – This is the lightest shade of the lot and will go well only with very fair Indian skin tones. It comes close to nude lips and can be paired with heavy eye makeup.

Collection Star Pink Sonam’s Azalea – It is the carrot coral pink and my current favorite. I feel this shade goes very well with my skin.

Collection Star Pin Katrina’s Orchid – It is a bright pink which will add bling to most of your party outfits.

Collection Star Pink Fan Bingbing’s Peony – It is a rather milky pink shade which is more suited for fairer skin tones.

Collection Star Pink Gong Li’s Lilac – As the name suggests it is a cute lilac shade again flattering the lighter skin tones in India.

Collection Star Pink Julianne’s Magnolia – This is closest to what most actresses are wearing for award functions these days, this shade will equally compliment any skin tone.

Loreal has launched 3 pink nail paints in the La vie en rose collection. There are three signature shades each by Aishwarya, Katrina, Sonam.


  • High end
  • Some shades are dry matte which lead to chapping of lips


Oriflame Very me Cherry My Cheeks – Sweet Coral Review

Rose quartz is the Pantone shade of this year and this Oriflame very me Cherry My Cheeks – Sweet Coral color seems to be the best pick in the blush on range. Though I don’t abide by the Pantone shades but once it is released out in the beauty circuit, you will see a lot of influence in the fashion weeks and make up.

Today I have picked up Oriflame very me Cherry My Cheeks – Sweet Coral blush for a review. I got this product for INR 355 for 2 gm.


The Oriflame very me Cherry My Cheeks – Sweet Coral comes in a plastic case very much like the MAC blush with a black outline. Though the package lets you see the color properly but it seems very fragile. The package is small and can be easily slipped into your bag.


When you open and take swatch of the color you realize it is not one of those coral colors that you don’t like but the softest rose quartz which will go very well with your skin. We Indians have an obsession with pink blushes and it definitely should be a part of your kit.


It is soft and powdery but ain’t creamy. The good thing is that it blends very well with your skin and doesn’t show on your cheeks. What I didn’t like was the powder getting scattered after travelling. This is something I have also seen in lakme pallets that it gets powdery.


It stays for about five hours on my cheeks when I used it as a part of my complete make up.


  • I love the soft pink color
  • It blends easily
  • pocket friendly
  • travel friendly
  • texture
  • ease of application


  •  The powder getting scattered after travelling
  • no mirror

Style Meter – 8/10


Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss

Recently Colorbar came out with their Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss and nail paints. As you all are aware of my fondness to lip gloss and I think it was the perfect time to get it out in the market. My wintery chapped lips feel most pampered with a lip gloss for a party. This diamond shine lip gloss indeed comes with radiant sparkles to make you feel pouty for every selfie.

It comes in the silver box like package like most of its glosses, Colorbar has maintained the way its packages looks through years. It is a soft plastic 3.8 ml bottle priced at INR 675. The gloss glides on easily and is very lightly tinted. If you want you can definitely get some color with multiple layers again which is not very vibrant. It settles down easily and is quite light.

I checked out a few shades and pretty much liked them. In my opinion you have to have a nudish pink gloss and a nudish brown gloss which is not only used by itself but it can also be used over various shades to enhance the look. I usually pick up the nude gloss and use it over my matte lip colors to give it some party vibe for night outs. This Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss seems to be the perfect fit.


  • ease of use and storage
  • super soft and light feel
  • 8 available shades


  • very lightly pigmented
  • you may have to pair it with some color
  • It is a bit pricey
  • may not be used every day


I feel decently good about it and it is worth a try if you like light pigmented shades but it does seem a little pricey and you may check the contemporaries for similar stuff. The shades are all regular ones available easily. I still like the shine and feel of it.

Style Meter – 7.5/10

Detox your body

We are in the first week of 2016 and the last few days have been crazy. I am sure all of us started our parties around christmas and this is the time when we are back on track, not literally though. One good thing about winters is that it lets you hide the extra kilos with style. I love winters for that (just kidding) jokes apart I still love winters. Since I have been equally subjected to an over dose of food, cakes and drinks now is the time to detox.

Detox is a process by which you use various methods to clean your body inside out. It means you are removing all the toxic materials from your body and replacing it with nutrients and healthy food.

Today I will talk about a few easy tips to detox your body. These are small thinks which will help you cleanse your system and depending on your routine you can assimilate it in your food habits-

  • Your first meal should not be a caffeine drink. It is most advisable to stick to green tea or a fruit smoothie for best results.
  • Try eating your fruits instead of taking juices because your body needs the fiber which is thrown away while making a juice
  • Water is a very essential element which helps you detox. You need to ideally have about 15 glasses of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Replace one meal with organic foods such as salads or fruits.
  • Try fasting for a day, trust me it can give you great results.
  • Add fiber foods to your daily diet.
  • Add probiotic foods in your diet such as yogurt, it not only helps to clean but also develops your immune system for the better.
  • Add green and citrus foods in your diet – amla, cucumber, lemon etc
  • Get proper sleep

I am sure with these few habits your definitely feel lighter and it will help you to detox your body after the new year season and get you ready for the shadi season