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With so many people posting their picks for Diwali this year you know that many girls banking on a sari. After the recent hullabaloo about the sari article and how it defines the Indian women by giving

Diwali Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Sonam Kapoor who has become a youth fashion icon of-late. Recently Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is catching a lot of attention majorly because of the look the directors have brought in. Coming from Rajshri the movie was sure to come with a lot of Indian family traditional drama and even the songs and the styling of the movie says so. The kind of clothes shown in the movie are far from our daily routine but the good part being we have a lot to take from it  for this festive season.

Sonam and Salman have come out in a total new avatar where we all have high expectations from them. Though I am pretty sure the movie will revolve around the 2000 era cliche but let us take a look for our diwali preps.

Sonam looks stunning in this look and here is all you need  to create one of your own looks like hers.

  • Base

Since it is diwali season round the corner I would recommend a base that is appropriate for normal to dry skin so you do not need and extra layer of cream for good results. Sonam kapoor shows a flawless radiance for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

  • Eyes

You will just need a hint from the nude pallette to enhance your eyes but not so much on your face. I am very fond of nude eye colors because I feel it is capable of giving you your favorite looks for the day as well as the night. Read about Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

  • Lips

The most essential part of any make up for diwali, I believe is a lip color. It can absolutely make or break your image and look. I have chosen my favorite from the color show range by Maybelline.

  • Hair

A hair straightener is all you need to make your rest in place, be it the centre parting or even if you want to flaunt a puff bun right in front you can straighten to get the perfect look.

This is my diwali inspiration from sonam kapoor in Prem ratan dhan payo and I am sure you will have a good time creating this for yourself. Do leave in comments below how did you celebrate diwali.

Karva Chauth

Hello girlies,

Karva Chauth is right around the corner and since it is my first one I am a little too excited about it. If you come to ask me I have never seen one celebrate solely because I am a Sindhi and we do not do Karva Chauth, yes and we are proud of it. So after having a love inter- caste marriage here I am with the first festive post for this season. Though I am not a firm believer of the fact that my hunger can do any good to any body else apart from my own waist line nonetheless I am willing to try and go with the wind.


As soon as I hear the word Karva Chauth, a lot of thoughts cross my mind; typically women drenched in the crimson color from top to bottom. We Indian women are the personification of the color red for the entire universe. I have brought together my red stuff which I will be using for KC. I have my checklist before get ready for the day.

Get yourself busy on KC and keep your self updated with all the make up.

  • Eyes

I love the Kohl lit eyes with little shimmer and I think they do the best for an Indian traditional look. It never fails to appeal me and therefore I have Kohl, eye shadow palate and Maskara in place.

  • Face

Since the season is changing and it has become little pleasant from the heat I recommend a your favorite CC cream to get your base ready in a few minutes. Do not forget your pressed powder to finish your final look. I love a little bit of cheek stain for the rouge you might have lost by not eating. 😛

  • Lips

Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend. Trust me, red lips can get you exactly what you want yes it can do it all 😀 :D. I have got my favorite red ready to add to my final look.

  • Nails

No look is complete without a dash of your favorite nails. Do some pretty peppy nail art to woo your man into getting the gift you were dreaming of, this season.

  • Jewellery

I have brought beautiful kundan earrings and red metal bangles to make myself look straight out of a K- serial, though I’d never do it but since already is the Karva Chauth day let me do it completely with pride.

Do mention your comments about how you celebrated your Karva Chauth. This my list of stuff



Stay Stylish!


Sonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat Promotions

We all wait to see the Khoobsurat Sonam Kapoor make a public appearance. For most of the style enthusiasts like me, her clothes have been inspiring. I will love to see her sizzle on the ramp live someday. This how we saw Sonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat Promotions –

This is my favorite look from the lot.

Style Meter – 9

Style Meter – 8.5

Style Meter – 8

Style Meter – 8.5

Stay tuned for more looks

Stay Stylish!


Deepika Padukone in Finding Fanny

We are all very excited to see Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Finding Fanny. They look impressively cute together. Deepika Padukone has indeed created a new style statement for herself. With her latest movie Finding Fanny she has come in the casual chic look. We loved her look at every promotional event.

These are my favorite looks from all that Deepika Padukone wore –

The casual summer friendly Goa look.

Style Meter – 8

Teal and Grey for the girl.

Style Meter – 8.5

Shaking Bootiya at the song launch

Style Meter – 8

They look so amazing together

Style Meter – 8.5

How to remove acne scars naturally at home

Most girls are worried about acne and the scars that it leaves. Acne is caused by hormonal changes during teenage and result in outgrowths and scarring of the skin mainly face. It creates a problem of low self esteem in teenagers and twenty somethings. You may get very conscious when you go out with your friends or on a date. You just keep searching for ways to hide acne marks. These are a few which should help you to remove acne scars naturally at home –

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice has vitamin C which helps in removing scars from the skin. You should start consuming more lemon in your food. Apply lemon juice evenly on acne prone areas and let it rest for a few hours. You could apply it overnight and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water.

  • Tomato Slices

Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals which will help you remove the scars. You can take slices and rub it on your face and leave it for a while. Apply the pulp evenly on your face and wash it later.

  • Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a great source for your skin and you should clean your face before applying oil.  Massage gently on the acne prone areas and let it rest for a few hours before washing. Make sure you wash the oil well because it can attract dirt and germs which may increase the acne.

  • Sandalwood and Rose water

Take sandalwood powder and mix rose water. Make a fine paste and apply it evenly on your face. Let it dry for a few minutes and then wash it well with water.

  • Aloe Vera and Turmeric

Aloe Vera has great cleansing properties and Turmeric is anti bacterial in nature. Take out fresh Aloe Vera gel and mix turmeric powder and create a soft paste. Apply the paste on your face and wash it with water.

  • Tea tree

Tea tree oil helps to clean your skin and you may use tea tree products for your face. You can apply tea tree oil to on your face and wash it well. You can try out these methods and let us know what do you feel. Make sure all the ingredients are washed off well from your face because any amount of oil or cream can attract dust particles. With regular usage you should see positive results.

Stay Stylish!

Lemon Tree Shampoo with Tea tree and Mint Review

Lemon tree has come up with an anti-dandruff hair cleanser as they call it. The shampoo indeed is very good for dandruff removal. The herbal therapy and the feel of mint leaves your hair and scalp very fresh.

I do have dandruff problems in the rainy and winter season due to the usage of warm water for head bath but this product totally floored me. It is a good option for an anti dandruff shampoo.

Thumbs up

It leaves you hair totally fresh and light. You feel extremely clean after using this shampoo and it does not have many chemicals into it.

Thumbs down

Since it does not have many chemicals you cannot use it on oiled hair. The oil won’t come out very easily and you might have to use another shampoo for oil removal.

If you take my opinion with respect to the kind of money that you pay for this bottle is totally
worth it. It is priced at Rs 145 for 130 ml.

Since it is a product by Lemon Tree which belongs to the Lotus Cosmetics group we can be positive about the products and their credibility.
This shampoo proves to be totally herbal and not tested on animals.
Personally even as a user I would recommend this shampoo for better removal of dandruff and clean hair. Also it can be even used daily.


Style Meter – 8

Stay Stylish!

Trends we loved at emmys 2014

Emmys 2014 saw a lot of celebrities at their best. The event was attended by the whos who in the television entertainment industry. Starting from the cast and crew of Big Bang Theory to Breaking Bad and lots more. Here are the trends that we loved at the event.

The dress is a perfect summer pick with peacock hues paired with white.

Style Meter – 8

Kaley Cuoco maintains her image with a red netted dreee

Style Meter – 8

Anna Gunn makes a statement with black and pink.

Style Meter – 8

Heidi Klum picks up carrot red for her look and she looks stunning.

Style Meter – 8.5

Stay Stylish!


Jabong IOFW is doing wonders for the Online Fashion Show, going by the interviews I can clearly see a lot of enthusiasm among the participants. The Make up artists seem most kicked up because they don’t get to compete easily and at such a huge platform.

The Make up artists have use different products and colors to add glamour. Revlon Colorstay products are loved by all artists be it Colorstay foundation or the Eye shadow palette. Most of these artists have used dramatic eyes with simpler face and lips. This is done to look good in photographs and create an impact.

To find out the action click here

Lots and lots more about the event coming up in the following posts

Stay Stylish!