Why do you need a skin toner

Skin being the mirror of our body needs to be taken special care of. Skin care should be on the top of your list when you have such sweaty summers in India. Most part of the country is going through tough summers leading to the drying and tanning of the skin. So today I will talk about why do you need a skin toner.

I keep looking for different products to include in my daily regime that can benefit me. Most people would think you can do without a skin toner and you are right through most part of the year but not for summers for me. I have a combination skin and it becomes oily during the hotter months of the year. Ladies who have oily skin will have to take more trouble and be a regular to get a cleaner looking skin. Trust me it may not show in the beginning but once you make it a habit it definitely shows the effort on your face.

I may support the use of skin toners but it is not necessary that you have to go through the effort of buying something very expensive you can make skin toners at home or get your best buys with the one that makes your skin happy and pampered.

Why should you use a Skin Toner –

  • Provides Hydration – Your skin gets devoid of the necessary minerals and gets covered with dirt and sweat very easily. A skin toner helps you to removes all those extra particles from your skin and provide the required water content. It makes your skin glow.
  • Detoxify your skin -Your daily makeup contains a few chemicals which can be absorbed easily while you sleep so using a toner will cleanse the system and leave your skin clean for a good night’s sleep. You will have a clearer and more beautiful skin after using the toner.
  • Acne Cure – Most of you who have acne problems should swear by a skin toner that is mild enough that you can use every day. The astringent content in skin toners helps your to breathe thereby reducing the sebum and ace outbreaks.
  • Shrink and remove pores – Most of us have small opened pores on the skin which provide space for dirt and chemicals to settle and cause toxins to enter the skin. Regular usage of a skin toner will lead to the shrinkage of pores.

Do wait for my next post where I will talk about my favorite toner. Till then let us know which toner is your favorite.

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo Review

Garnier has come up with a new range of shampoos and conditioners to keep all the hair woes at bay. Although my previous experiences with Garnier have not been very great and I have not used their products after Fructis came into being. This time I was a little positive about Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo range so I ended up doing a Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo Review for you guys.

Since I have an oily scalp I chose Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo so that it will help my hair get back the bounce. My hair has thin strands and because of the high sebum content it tends to look flat and dull easily. I religiously follow the regime of washing my hair at least 4 times in a week. I used this Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo after a few hours of oiling and it takes about two washes to completely remove the oil. Using it on a normal day without oiling shows best results. It might be not be a great choice for people with completely dry hair because it considerably lessens the sebum content in the scalp.

Overall I really like this shampoo as a daily shampoo. It cleans well and gives smooth soft hair. It never makes hair dry; also I haven’t noticed any extra hair fall. I like the Packaging  it is an apt size and you can easily keep it while travelling. My hair feels fresh as it has all the natural cleansers – lemon, henna, green tea, aloe and eucalyptus.. It also has a lemon fragrance that lingers on for a while. It leaves my hair super soft and shiny.

Price – Rs. 120 for 175ml

Pros –

  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • cleans well
  • contains natural products
  • paraben free
  • smells fresh
  • great for daily use

Cons –

  • You might not want to try something new
  • cannot compete with high end brands

Style Meter – 8


How to do Cocoa Pedicure at home

Pedicure has been an age old practice for women to keep their feet soft. Foot pampering is also said to be therapeutic and helps to lift up your mood. But in the hustle bustle of our life and striving to create a work life balance our feet get neglected the most. How often you have slipped into your ballerinas just because your nail paint wasn’t good enough or your feet did not look as attractive as you want them to be.

Cocoa Pedicure has become the new trend in foot care. Though it may sound quite strange but its uniqueness got me trying it in the comfort zone of my home. Sugar has known to exfoliate your skin well and shea butter is one of our favorite moisturizers. So you know when these come together for your feet you quite literally get happy feet. Once you try this I am sure you will thank us later.

What do you need –

  • Face wash
  • Cuticle oil
  • 2 tbsp. sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • cocoa body butter
  • cocoa powder
  • bournvita
  • vanilla essence
  • sandalwood powder
  • cocoa body milk
  • luke warm water

Procedure –

  1. Fill some luke warm water in a tub or a bucket where you can easily soak in your feet. Add a few drops of your face wash to this water to help clean your feet. I would advise something mild usually or a Himalaya neem face wash would do for you as it did for me. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes.
  2. Now clean your toe nails. I generally use an old toothbrush to clean my nails and chapped skin. It does not hurt as much as the pedicure instruments and cleans better.
  3. Now take a cuticle oil – in my case I got the one from VLCC and massage it well on your feet. You must feel better by now because your blood circulation improves.
  4. Prepare a scrub – Mix sugar, half spoon bournvita and lemon juice. Apply this scrub on your feet and massage gently. Sometimes it may feel a little harsh on your skin but it is for your own benefit. Do it for about 5-7 minutes and wash it off.
  5. Massage your feet with the Cocoa butter body milk, I have used Dove body lotion. Leave it for a few minutes before cleaning it.
  6. Prepare an anti tan pack – Mix cocoa powder, sandalwood powder with little water and add a few drops of vanilla essence to it. It will create a smooth pack that can be easily applied. Apply it evenly on your skin and let it dry.
  7. Once it is dried out, wash it off and wipe your feet.
  8. For best results massage The body shop Cocoa Body Butter for long happy fragrance.

Breakfast that helps in weight loss

Most people insist on having a full breakfast and we have heard the good old saying you should have breakfast like a king. But we queens have a tough time deciding how to choose the best breakfast options for weight loss. While you may still bank upon koki (you would know what it means if you ever had a sindhi friend) and paratha or you want to divulge into the likes of pohas and upmas. Science says whatever you eat at least it should never be missed.

One of the latest studies shows that having two breakfasts is better than one, when one is still struggling to make sure having one; two seems out of question. Though I have stuck to this for some time before I began my teaching job and it has only done me good. My first breakfast would be having a single fruit because a single color is better than multiple colors without any dash of lemon or salt to it.

Most nutritionists also agree that having a two breakfasts is better than one as your body gets full nutrition and keeping a gap of an hour is ideal. Your first breakfast could include any fruit like Papaya, banana or an apple. In face having a fruit as your first meal of the day help you boost the digestive system and you will surely feel the difference in some time in weight loss.

While a few studies still vouch for the fact that weight loss has nothing to do with breakfast and people who skipped breakfast v/s those who ate had a similar kind of weight loss after a few days. But our experts say, when we skip breakfast we force our system to work a tad bit more making our metabolism to drop. Another opinion is that skipping any meal during the weight loss program will affect the metabolism negatively and this is never a good practice..

Book review – Messages from the masters

We enjoyed a lot last night. It was indeed a happy day in my life. I had just told everyone that I was expecting my first child and we were on cloud nine.

Next morning I went to the doctor for my checkup, it had already been 2 months now but the doctor found something unusual.  She sent me for a few more tests when she told me not to worry but I did sense something. After two days when we got the reports we understood, it had been too early for a celebration.

The doctor finally told me that the baby was abnormal and we have to get rid of it. I yelled in disbelief, “Get rid of it!?” but we had no other option.

I cried, sat in the temple for hours and asked God to save me; waiting for a miracle to happen. My cousin dropped in and her honesty hit me, she said, “In There is no way that I can understand your pain and nothing that I have to say will reduce your grief but this is all that I have to give you” and she handed me a book. , Messages from the Masters by Brain Weiss, and I told her that I am not a reader and I don’t feel like reading.

She insisted a lot that I should start. The first few pages did not make any sense to me and in the meanwhile the doctor told me that we have to wait for a week before the abortion. So just crying, cursing and fighting with God I made another effort with the book (it was just a way of shooing off people who came to meet me)

The book spoke about people going into past lives and meeting their loved ones and resolving a lot of emotional issues, fin. Finding their soul mates in the present life and this induced some interest in me. Everyone in the family was telling me the same old thing, “beta, everything happens for your own good” but I could not figure out any good in it. I did not know how to console myself, I still had 5 more days with my baby; my heart sank.

I read ahead and during this one particular episode the woman was taken back to the time of her birth, in the womb before she was born and I could easily relate to it being a mother now. It showed how a child can hear and feel everyone around even before being born which explained how children whose parents are more welcoming towards the new born the baby become physically and emotionally stronger.

I read more experiences of people and it told spoke of how we decide to live with our loved ones at the soul level itself. It stresses on the point and has sufficient proof that we do come back to our loved ones and in most cases people have recognized their family members and close friends in other life-times. I started to meditate as per the book and my faith in God became stronger. I had become more spiritual and I could feel the healing.

The thing that struck me the most was that the writer of the book had suffered a similar tragedy- he lost his 24-day old son, I know how it must have felt but during a regression he found out that it had happened for his own success later in his life.

The toughest day of my life was here, but I did not cry even for a single moment. Because I know my baby is not going far from me.  Instead it (I don’t know whether it’s a she or he) is waiting for the right time to come into our life. I needed to let it go because it is for the larger good for all of us.

I feel stronger emotionally and thank you God for giving me such a wonderful experience for two months.

I sat in the car to come back home and my husband played the radio on which this song was playing-sang  “So close no matter how far”- and I hugged him tightly.

Things not to miss during a Haridwar – Rishikesh Trip

Amidst all the summer and humor of UP we decided to take in a small getaway for 3 days to the holy cities of Haridwar Rishikesh though there was nothing holy about our trip still we had a chance to go out of the hustle bustle of the city and get some space to ourselves.

Our trip began with our train getting late for almost 7 hours and making our vacation shorter by 420 minutes. The train journey was indeed tiresome and we almost got down and sat on random station benches striking a SRK – Deepika Chennai Express pose. But once you are out of your desk on a weekday you really enjoy every bit of it. Be it talking to random people in the train or sitting on one berth and playing cards.

The first day was spent at a lush green resort which is Aalia Resort in the remote outskirts of Haridwar and trust me it looked nothing close to the holy city. It has all the modern amenities and could fight any resort in NCR. The best part were the villas that we got to stay in. It has plush rooms full of garden view and a very tiny swimming pool which we hardly used.


  •  The next day was spent in going to Rishikesh and enjoying the Ganga kinara. One piece of advise for all those who are reading this you have to have prior bookings when you to Rishikesh during a weekend. It took us more than 2 hours to settle in for a hotel there. They have beautiful resorts but most of the places are pre booked. After finally getting into a decent place we went in to explore the city. For most of the people who have been to these places would agree that the day starts early and it gets pitch dark post 10 pm. We could only see the visitors after that and most of the places got closed down.


  • Har ki pauri is one the most famous Ganga ghats in India, we spent a full day there drenching ourselves in holy waters. Even when it was so hot the water was freezing inside.
  • River rafting is something most people get excited about and we had a lot of fun while we rowed upstream, the process absolutely tires your body but it is worth a try. You may take a smaller ride if you are not fond of adventure sports or water sports.


  • For someone like me who loves to sit by the water we found great café facing Lakshman Jhula and thankfully it rained that day so it was not that hot that night. What a sight that was! we could see ganga aarti and we were drinking coffee with the cool breeze.

It was for me a much needed break.


Sling affair with Limeroad.com

My collection of bags is almost a crazy one at least my husband says so because my cupboard cannot handle more than it already has still I felt there was something missing in my collection so I went ahead and ordered a new denim sling bag. I went online shopping with limeroad.com. Your bag defines your mood and a sling bag seems perfect for small outings even when you are travelling. My bag consists of my favorite go to – Kohl, lip balm, pressed powder and my kindle. My journeys look almost incomplete without a book’s presence.

This sling bag has proved to be my friend on more than one instance. I have carried it throughout the trip and even in the train because I cannot do without these things when I am travelling. This blue denim bag was my companion throughout because it made a statement with whatever I wore. Whether I was in denims or chinos it just seemed to fill in the gap every time. The size just seems perfect for a light traveller, though you can add a little more stuff but I rarely would add on.

Here is my friend sling

PicsArt_04-28-08.53.09 PicsArt_04-28-08.54.28

Style Meter – 8/10

Stay Stylish


This Summer/Spring collection of Lakme Fashion Week brought about a new trend on the runway – Illuminate. Illuminate by definition means something that has an inner glow that shines and sparkles by itself. If you are someone keeping track of international makeup trends you would have definitely followed up on the illuminate technique of makeup and its product.

LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE ILLUMINATE is a collection by Lakme where it has a got a collection of new face makeup with a lot of shimmer and shine. I am loving how illuminate technique is making its way in our lives and I really like the collection.

Lakme Illuminate Collection has –

  • 11 Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist
  • 3 Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner
  • 2 Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette
  • 15 Lakme Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer

Gel Stylist is a set of 11 nail paints which are good to go with all your outfits.

The Lakme Absolute Precision Artist Eye Liner is a retractable pencil with a rubber grip from the Lakme Illuminate Collection. The pencil is shaped differently unlike most other kohl pencils. The texture is creamy and something between a pencile and a liner. Since it has a great finish you can use it in various ways. You can easily outline your eyes and give a little oomph your eyes in just a few minutes. it is creamy enough and does not bleed easily, once you have got the perfect color with a few strokes it does not transfer. The pencil glides almost perfectly and has three colors –  Burnished Brown, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. It is priced at 850

The Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmer is a new range of shimmery lipsticks from the illuminate collection. I always like shimmery lipsticks but I am not too fond of Lakme lipsticks because of a distinct strong smell they have. I find it in most of their lipsticks like this one too. These lipsticks are available in 15 shades and I am sure you can take your pick. These colors have a varied range of red and pinks. It is priced at 700.

The Lakme Absolute Illuminate Eye Shadow is available in two variants – Gold and Silver. This is the first time where Lakme has created shimmery eye shadow pallet and I would have them add on to a few more colors. Though I still feel the pallet has very wearable colors and you can use them for most of your outings. You might use them more for highlighting than for the shadow itself. It is priced at 995

Style Meter – 7/10



Best times to drink water

Summer is already here and this year the mercury levels are going to soar like anything. With April being close to unbearable I don’t know how May and June will turn out for us. North India is the Sun’s favorite place – during summers it loves to shine the most and during winters he loves to go away for a long time. Having empathetic feelings about the heat I want to talk about the best times to drink water during a day.

You must have read various articles on how good it is to keep yourself well hydrated during summers but for a fact over hydration can also cause problems but that belongs to some rare species on this planet. For me I have a reminder app on my phone that keeps telling me to drink water every hour that I am awake.

Here are the best times to drink water –

  • After waking up

You might have noticed every animal drinks water just after a good night’s sleep and that is exactly how a human body should be trained but we have forgotten this through all these years. So the first thing in the morning before your tea is water.

  • Before a meal

Unlike our habit of wanting to drink water after a meal it is always said that a yogi has water before food, a bhogi has water during food and a rogi has water after food. These lines were not written because of some underlying meaning.

  • Before a workout

When your pulse starts racing and adrenalin starts rushing you have to keep your body well fuelled. Since you are going to sweat it out any ways it is always great to keep ample water inside the body.

  • At regular intervals

You could also get an app like me which keeps reminding you that you need to drink a glass or two of water. You may keep it hourly or two hourly depending your daily routine and intake of water.

Remember nothing can replace water, any drink that you take is a drink and not water so you can’t count it in your daily water content.

Feeling thirsty, isn’t it?

DIY Jojoba hair conditioner

Jojoba Oil is said to be one the best things for hair care. Jojoba has been in the InHow exciting it will be to be able to create your own range of shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soaps. I am going to give you the secret on this blog on how to create your own range of hair care. Hair care is important part of any girl’s daily beauty regime whether you admit it or not you are a little jealous of the colleague who has better maintained hair than yours. Though most of us do not get enough time to pamper our hair as much they need to be. This is my DIY Jojoba conditioner to give you a lustrous mane.


  • Rose water (250 ml)
  • Jojoba Oil (15ml)
  • Vitamin E oil  10 drops
  • Put the rose water in a double boiler and add jojoba oil
  • Put this mixture into a blender container
  • Put the Vitamin E oil in the blender container
  • Blend at a very high speed for at least 2 mins
How to Use
  • Wet hair with warm water
  • Massage this oil on your scalp and for better conditioning leave it for some time
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Use a gentle shampoo to clean your hair and rinse again
Doesn’t it feel great that now you have the power to make your own super conditioner at home.
Stay beautiful