Breakfast that helps in weight loss

Most people insist on having a full breakfast and we have heard the good old saying you should have breakfast like a king. But we queens have a tough time deciding how to choose the best breakfast options for weight loss. While you may still bank upon koki (you would know what it means if you ever had a sindhi friend) and paratha or you want to divulge into the likes of pohas and upmas. Science says whatever you eat at least it should never be missed.

One of the latest studies shows that having two breakfasts is better than one, when one is still struggling to make sure having one; two seems out of question. Though I have stuck to this for some time before I began my teaching job and it has only done me good. My first breakfast would be having a single fruit because a single color is better than multiple colors without any dash of lemon or salt to it.

Most nutritionists also agree that having a two breakfasts is better than one as your body gets full nutrition and keeping a gap of an hour is ideal. Your first breakfast could include any fruit like Papaya, banana or an apple. In face having a fruit as your first meal of the day help you boost the digestive system and you will surely feel the difference in some time in weight loss.

While a few studies still vouch for the fact that weight loss has nothing to do with breakfast and people who skipped breakfast v/s those who ate had a similar kind of weight loss after a few days. But our experts say, when we skip breakfast we force our system to work a tad bit more making our metabolism to drop. Another opinion is that skipping any meal during the weight loss program will affect the metabolism negatively and this is never a good practice..

Winter Face Packs

Finally we see the winter Sun. Today when I woke up there was fog and I wanted to cuddle up little more with my cappuccino in bed. While I am doing rounds of stuff to get my winter skincare in place I picked up my favorite ingredients to create my most effective winter face packs. All these packs can be easily made at home within a few minutes.

  1. Milk and honey winter face pack


6 spoons of full cream milk

2 spoons honey

2 spoons aloe vera gel

2 spoons of powdered oatmeal

one bowl

one spoon to mix


Churn the oatmeal in a mixer grinder. You need to mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Apply it evenly on your face and neck and let it dry. It would take somewhere around 15 minutes after that you can wash it with lukewarm water.


This pack contains few of the best things for your winter skin – milk and honey both these provide fresh pampering and moisture to your skin. Oatmeal and aloe vera acts as a scrub to remove all your dead skin cells but gently. You can use it once a week depending on your daily routine.


2. Coconut oil and Banana winter face pack


half banana

5-6 spoons of coconut oil

one bowl to mix


Smash the banana into small pieces and mix coconut oil with it in the bowl. For best results churn the banana and frozen coconut oil into a mixer grinder, you will get an even mixture or you can also heat the coconut oil to mix well with your fingers. Apply it on your face and neck. You need to let it rest for over 15 minutes when you feel your skin is getting dried.


There is not substitute for what coconut oil can do to your skin in winters and instead of making it look too oily, the banana makes it just perfect for use. Since it is a mild face pack you may use it as much as you like.


3. Rosewater and Olive Oil winter face pack


Few drops of rose water

3-4 spoons of yogurt

1 spoon of olive oil

a bowl to mix


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl to create an even mixture. You may let it dry for 10 minutes and rub it well on your face. The olive oil massage will give a hydrating effect


Rose water and yogurt act as a natural tan remover and adding olive oil it makes it smooth for your skin. Olive oil is the best moisturizer for your face during these winter months.

Let us know which winter face packs you use

Stay Stylish!