How to use a Beauty Blender

Eons ago we would see our mothers using her fingers to blend the makeup on to her skin. It would always intrigue me as I thought it worked well but never was a 100 % look. Somebody sitting in some other corner of the world would have understood that there stays a need or the product that helps the women blend the kind of makeup that they want to.

Beauty blenders the small little foam ball like cotton ball that helps you even out your makeup very well. With contouring being a regular fashion for most of the girls today beauty blenders just can’t come out of our vanity kits. Like we have all other tools like makeup brushes, eyelash curler a beauty blender is a must for all of us.

You got it right today we will be talking about beauty blenders. You may not be very excited but trust me once you get the hands on it; it is like any other tool that we use, it becomes a part of your daily routine. You may if you are like me, will never want to look back. Since it is very easy to use you will get familiar with is very soon.

How to use a Beauty Blender –

1.Take the beauty blender and run it under tap water.

  1. Squeeze the excess water to make sure no water is dripping off the sponge.
  2. Now dot the foundation,concealer,blush over the desired areas of the face.

Why is it the wonder blender?

  • It gets you more effect with lesser quantity of the product, and the pointed tip allows you to get into every nook and cranny—under eyes, around the nose, along the lips.
  • It corrects all your mistakes of a wrong blusher, a dark bronzer or anything else. It just evens out your complete face.
  • It protects you from the sun by giving you full coverage with a sunscreen lotion, you may not realize but a drop of it is just enough.



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Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream

We Indians are totally obsessed about fairness and fairness creams though how much ever we deny it, we still belong to that frame of mind. No wonder why fairness creams are such a big thing with us. I recently got my own collection of beauty buys which is the last list for 2015 and got one Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream.

Since a few days I have been religiously using the Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream since moisturisation becomes a necessity in this season. It keeps the skin happy and hydrated without making it look too creamy or oily. I am using it as a base for my makeup and it does the job pretty well. The Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream makes sure it gets my skin fairer and I am seeing positive results when applied daily. Though it would not drastically change one’s skin color but it lightens up your face positively.

When I look for a fairness cream I do not look for some chemical that would suddenly change my skin color and texture but something that just makes my face look lighter and brighter than usual. It is suitable for anyone who is in my category and willing to give it a shot without loosing out on your original skin. I would not advise it for someone expecting overnight results. It is best used with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash or Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash.

Rating – 9/10


It is definitely worth a try!

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash

While I am a loyal user of Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash I usually don’t feel as soft after its use in these brutal North Indian winters so here I have my new favorite to keep up with my cleansing routine for the day that also helps to keep my skin soft – Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash which seems to help you in tough winters, when you are looking for something smooth but equally cleansing. Since the name suggests it has a foaming quality which spreads evenly on your face and the best part is that it gets used in small quantities like other Johnson & Johnson products so you know if you have bought one, you can easily manage with it for one season.

I am using it to clean my face before my base make up followed by my regular dose of Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream and foundation. Even after using a makeup remover I feel the need to wash my face before sleep and this product is my go to every night after a party especially during these days.

Rating – 9/ 10


It is easy to use and does not have any harmful chemicals making it usable on daily basis. It is highly cost effective and best for every skin type in the Indian climate.


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Review

Recently I was gifted a bag of Clean & Clear products in my mail. Since my teenage Clean & Clear has been the brand I trust the most when it comes to skincare. While the company has launched a few new products and two new flavors in the morning energy range apart from the older one. It has still maintained the list of its loyal users for all these years like me.

I clearly remember the first pimple that came out and how tensed I was to go school the next day and meet my best friend turned boyfriend. Skeptical enough I went ahead with the Clean & Clear face wash never to leave its side. I have stuck to it and recently I got the three new flavors for myself. Energy berry which is a pink colored granulated face wash with a sweet strawberry like fragrance on your face and Lemon which is a lime green granulated face wash which can provide you with freshness of lemon on a hot summer day. The third is green apple flavored which is green colored and equally refreshing. I am using both depending on my mood for the day.

Though I am a fan of these washes, I still go with the fact that it will dry your skin in the North Indian winters and you will need to apply a lot of cream to keep your skin baby soft. I have a normal skin texture and I would use this maybe in a week but not everyday. I would rather use the Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash  with Clean & Clear Fairness Cream which is just perfect for me.

Rating – 9/10


All Clean & Clear products can be used daily and they have no harmful chemicals in most cases. The products are pocket friendly and easily available on all general stores in India.

5 best looks of Sonam Kapoor

Today is Sonam Kapoor’s birthday, though we would have loved telling you how old she is but let’s just keep it a secret! I have been following her style since a few years now and she rarely disappoints me with that. Be it a saree or a gown she carries them with equal ease and panache. She has become a role model for a lot of fashionably inclined girls.


Here are the best 5 looks of this diva


This is her latest look at the Cannes Film Festival, her look with smokey eyes and nude lips was highly appreciated by one and all. We love it how she has kept her look simple yet stunning and it comes out as a perfect day look.

When she inaugurated the Loreal Paris Make up Collection



Hope you will like them too

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Everyday SkinCare @being25

Last week i got a chance to meet the Skin Expert from Lakme Absolute Salon and she opened my eyes to a lot of things that I used to easily neglect. She put forward the list of things that need to be present in my closet for the summer months. The best thing about her advice was that she did not speak for any brand instead she gave the option to choose at our will. Her list of things are –

  • Anti Ageing Cream

We should start skin care as early as 25 to have a glowing skin later. She stressed on the use of any anti ageing cream from the wide variety of products available

StyleSaaga recommends – Pond’s, Olay or Neutrogena.

  • Face Cream

We should have a dedicated face cream with an SPF of about 15+ to protect us from the Sun rays for summer season.

StyleSaaga recommends – Everyuth,  Olay, Loreal

  • Sunscreen

There should be a sunscreen body lotion which again around 20+ SPF is decent if we have a regular desk job. In case of marketing jobs you can switch to using the same lotion 3-4 times in a day, there is no need for a 50 SPF in daily routine it should be reserved for beach outings.

StyleSaaga recommends – Lotus, VLCC, Kaya, Lakme

  • Moisturiser

It is as important to moisturise in summers as it is in winters so keep your body lotions handy but make sure they are not very sticky or thick.

StyleSaaga recommends – Vaseline, Fab India, The Body Shop

  • Under Eye Cream

This should be an important product in your daily routine. Since all our work has become screen oriented we spend a lot of time on the laptop and not outside.

StyleSaaga recommends – Fab India, Synergy

  • Night Cream

This may not feature in your make up kit owing to our age but we have to get used to it, yes you heard me right. It should be a part of your daily pampering

StyleSaaga recommends – H2o, Olay, Lakme

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Oxygen for Skin – Facts and Myths

Most of the salons and beauty brands re using Oxygen as a vital ingredient to make the skin look healthier. The science says- Oxygen skin care is based on the premise that stable natural oxygen increases skin cell metabolism. All cells require natural oxygen, which consists of two atoms bound together by a stable covalent—or chemical—bond. This is not to be confused with unstable forms of oxygen, which are known as free radicals.
The most common free radical is a single oxygen atom. These atoms are unstable, due to unpaired electrons in their outer shell. Free radicals react readily in a chemical process called oxidation. Cell membranes are the most vulnerable to this type of damage, which can be neutralized by the benefits of antioxidant nutrients.

When the skin is deprived of oxygen, blood vessels constrict and it severely compromises the skins ability to function properly. The oxygen levels start decreasing once you reach 25. The damage is added by the stress levels, unhealthy eating habits and irregular sleep.

Advantages of Oxygen Therapies

  • Increases Strength of Collagen and Elastin fibers in the skin
  • Increases the number of Blood Cells
  • Increased Suppleness and Elasticity
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Helps with Capillary Damage and Blood Flow
  • Increases the number of Blood Cells


  • It can suppress the drive to breathe because of increased oxygen levels
  • Oxygen therapy equipment can induce fire



We can see clearly that Oxygen therapy has more benefits and it can really give a boost to your skin. Personally when you don’t know what to do for a dull looking face just use some oxy face pack or bleach and your face will start glowing. This article is with respect to skin and not any other medical problem. It should be used in smaller quantities and not everyday, you should not push your skin to the other side of the threshold

A great method for instant glow on the skin

Style Meter- 9

Kajal Wars

Since the time Loreal has come up with Magique kajal it has entered the economy kajal sector with Lakme and Maybelline. It can be a little tough for you to choose from them. Kohl is one beauty product that I swear by and I never leave home without it.

kajal wars



Here is a little comparison of these

Brand Lakme Eyeconic Maybelline Colossal Loreal Magique




199 175 245


Dark Very Dark Dark
Blends well


Yes No Yes
Long Lasting



Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes
Smudge Proof


Yes No Yes


4 3.5 3


I felt that Loreal  Magique is highly priced and does not provide as much value for money as the other two do. Also I have not had a great experience with Maybelline Colossal in the past so my verdict goes to Lakme Eyeconic Kajal.

Share your experiences with these Kohl pencils

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