Trial room etiquette

Shopping means lots and lots of trying new clothes and we girls just love that. It could be trying for a new size and we all want to fit in the smaller than usual :). I think they have limited the number of three garments only because they know it is almost impossible to control a girl from trying in new stuff they have in their store. We all go shopping here and there and most of the brands like Zara, Kazo, Vero Moda are our regular favorites. Though we have been using their trail rooms for years now we still need to learn trial room etiquette.

I have list of trial room etiquette which needs to be effective from this very moment –

  • Size matters

Yes Size does matter, trust me whenever you are not so sure about your size; it is advisable that you pick up the larger one. It is great to fit in the smaller one but you don’t want to spoil their clothes while trying to get into them.

  • Layering

No doubt layering is a part of your style but do not try a new top over what you are already wearing. It will never show you the perfect shape which flaunts your body.

  • Do not shy away

Girlies never, never shy from getting the right underclothes just because you don’t feel perfectly comfortable discussing about it but I am sure you will find some shop or else you can read about the ultimate bra guide.

  • Make up

Though most of the Indian stores fail to mention it but you have to always make sure that your make up does not soil the dress. You will never buy a dress soiled with your red lipcolor or not to mention your red sindoor or even kohl in the most rare cases. I have seen girls be most careless about it. You can read more about my favorite non transfer lipsticks.

Let us know what do you think about Trail room etiquette

My Favorite blacks

When I sat down to think of all the black things that I would like to possess in life most of the things were larger than life for me. I like the night which is black but then we would not know that it is black unless we would all have some moonlight. The night is something we all have and it surrounds us with its blackness. This post is for #WhatTheBlack experience by Blogadda

The things that I would like to posses are here

  • Black Beautiful Eyes

She has the most beautiful hazel eyes and black makes it look amazing, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes it look just perfect with Loreal Kohl.

  • Beautiful Hair

Repunzel’s hair is every girl’s dream and we all keep doing efforts to make our hair longer and thicker.

  • Dress

This pretty black dress has et al – class, color and elegance.

  • Chanel Boots

These beautiful pencil heeled boots from Chanel

  • Porche

Last but not the least is a black Porche that will be the cause of every woman’s envy.

These are my favorite blacks for today.

Stay Stylish!

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Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan at Cannes 2014

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is creating a statement every year at Cannes sometimes by her dress or make up or even her baby weight. This year she came back with a bang! Most of us were expecting pictures like last year when most of the media criticized her for her choice of clothes and her weight issues but then we all saw her pictures and there she stands as as inspiration to all mothers and aspiring mothers.

This is what she looked like

The dress looked absolutely amazing and she walked with such confidence that it floored everyone.

She totally looked like a diva

Style Meter – 9

More looks and Tutorial coming up soon.

Stay Stylish!

How to Dress For Valentines Day

Thinking what to wear for this Valentines day, see what my favorite Bollywood looks have to share to make your Day special. Pick your look based on your mood!

  • Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress at Chanel said and it is true, pick up your sexy black dress and pair it up with smokey eyes and nude lips. You can add red lip color to add more drama.

  • Trendsetter

Get your designer gown out of your closet for this special day and choose different colors, this will make you look chic without any excessive jazz. Tying up your hair like this will add to your appeal.

  • Casual

You are going out with him on the 14 but you really are not sure on which level you are with him in your relationship so keep it subtle and casual, opt for colored pants to make you look special.

  • Glam Doll

You know this man is the one who you wanted to be with and you want to look like a diva when you step out with him, you also want to create a statement to the passers by.

  • Catty

You don’t want to go out and waste any of your precious time on this day, infact it will be a great idea for couples who are over stressed with work and do not get too much time to spend. Just stay indoors and make every moment worth it.

Image courtesy – Google Images

Stay stylish!