Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream

We Indians are totally obsessed about fairness and fairness creams though how much ever we deny it, we still belong to that frame of mind. No wonder why fairness creams are such a big thing with us. I recently got my own collection of beauty buys which is the last list for 2015 and got one Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream.

Since a few days I have been religiously using the Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream since moisturisation becomes a necessity in this season. It keeps the skin happy and hydrated without making it look too creamy or oily. I am using it as a base for my makeup and it does the job pretty well. The Clean & Clear Clear Fairness cream makes sure it gets my skin fairer and I am seeing positive results when applied daily. Though it would not drastically change one’s skin color but it lightens up your face positively.

When I look for a fairness cream I do not look for some chemical that would suddenly change my skin color and texture but something that just makes my face look lighter and brighter than usual. It is suitable for anyone who is in my category and willing to give it a shot without loosing out on your original skin. I would not advise it for someone expecting overnight results. It is best used with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash or Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Face Wash.

Rating – 9/10


It is definitely worth a try!

5 minute homemade face make over

You all must be thinking what do I mean by 5 min make over, I mean you have so many products easily available in your home that you can use for immediate glow on your face. These items are just a closet away!

  • Milk

Whatever your skin type is, it is best to wash your face with milk just before applying some make up to create an excellent base. You can also use a milk wash and flaunt a no make up look

  • Honey

Apply honey on your face and leave it for 2-3 mins and then wash it off with water. It might make your face look a little red but not to worry, it will be fine soon.

  • Aloe Vera

You can pluck a small leaf from your back yard and rub the gel evenly on your face for about 2 mins. It helps you create a great base and also helps you remove the tiredness soon

  • Tomato

Take a tomato slice and rub it on your face for about 2 mins, tomato is a great bleaching agent and will give you a fresh and fairer look soon.

  • Cream

Cream or malai whichever is easily available in your refrigerator you have to apply it on your face and wash off after about 2 mins and your skin will get soft and supple.

Do not use face was after any of these as it will remove the moisture coating from the skin.

Easy isn’t it?

Stay Stylish!