Trial room etiquette

Shopping means lots and lots of trying new clothes and we girls just love that. It could be trying for a new size and we all want to fit in the smaller than usual :). I think they have limited the number of three garments only because they know it is almost impossible to control a girl from trying in new stuff they have in their store. We all go shopping here and there and most of the brands like Zara, Kazo, Vero Moda are our regular favorites. Though we have been using their trail rooms for years now we still need to learn trial room etiquette.

I have list of trial room etiquette which needs to be effective from this very moment –

  • Size matters

Yes Size does matter, trust me whenever you are not so sure about your size; it is advisable that you pick up the larger one. It is great to fit in the smaller one but you don’t want to spoil their clothes while trying to get into them.

  • Layering

No doubt layering is a part of your style but do not try a new top over what you are already wearing. It will never show you the perfect shape which flaunts your body.

  • Do not shy away

Girlies never, never shy from getting the right underclothes just because you don’t feel perfectly comfortable discussing about it but I am sure you will find some shop or else you can read about the ultimate bra guide.

  • Make up

Though most of the Indian stores fail to mention it but you have to always make sure that your make up does not soil the dress. You will never buy a dress soiled with your red lipcolor or not to mention your red sindoor or even kohl in the most rare cases. I have seen girls be most careless about it. You can read more about my favorite non transfer lipsticks.

Let us know what do you think about Trail room etiquette

Sonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat Promotions

We all wait to see the Khoobsurat Sonam Kapoor make a public appearance. For most of the style enthusiasts like me, her clothes have been inspiring. I will love to see her sizzle on the ramp live someday. This how we saw Sonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat Promotions –

This is my favorite look from the lot.

Style Meter – 9

Style Meter – 8.5

Style Meter – 8

Style Meter – 8.5

Stay tuned for more looks

Stay Stylish!


Deepika Padukone in Finding Fanny

We are all very excited to see Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Finding Fanny. They look impressively cute together. Deepika Padukone has indeed created a new style statement for herself. With her latest movie Finding Fanny she has come in the casual chic look. We loved her look at every promotional event.

These are my favorite looks from all that Deepika Padukone wore –

The casual summer friendly Goa look.

Style Meter – 8

Teal and Grey for the girl.

Style Meter – 8.5

Shaking Bootiya at the song launch

Style Meter – 8

They look so amazing together

Style Meter – 8.5

FDCI India Couture Week 2014

Whenever we see an event happening our eyes are stuck to the show stopper to know what the designer has in mind for the show. Bollywood as usual was a major part of the event with most of the show stoppers.

Here is a look book to my favorite Show Stoppers

Rina Dhaka pulled of the natural Indian look with the carrot red Lehanga for Nimrat Kaur and nude Sari for Malaika Arora Khan.

Style Meter – 8.5

Harpreet Narula does it for Huma Quereshi and her beige lehanga, this seems a great design choice for curvy women like her.

Style Meter -8

Manish Malhotra brings Alia Bhatt in bridal style with a very heavy lehanga and natural makeup. Her make up compliments her bridal attire.

Style Meter – 8

Shriram Jewellers brings Bipasha Basu and a very traditional neck piece for the d- day.

Style Meter – 7.5

Anju Modi brings Kangana Ranaut in a black gold avatar to dazzle the ramp.

Style Meter – 8

These were the show stoppers who made the eye balls roll

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Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan at Cannes 2014

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is creating a statement every year at Cannes sometimes by her dress or make up or even her baby weight. This year she came back with a bang! Most of us were expecting pictures like last year when most of the media criticized her for her choice of clothes and her weight issues but then we all saw her pictures and there she stands as as inspiration to all mothers and aspiring mothers.

This is what she looked like

The dress looked absolutely amazing and she walked with such confidence that it floored everyone.

She totally looked like a diva

Style Meter – 9

More looks and Tutorial coming up soon.

Stay Stylish!

How to Dress For Valentines Day

Thinking what to wear for this Valentines day, see what my favorite Bollywood looks have to share to make your Day special. Pick your look based on your mood!

  • Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress at Chanel said and it is true, pick up your sexy black dress and pair it up with smokey eyes and nude lips. You can add red lip color to add more drama.

  • Trendsetter

Get your designer gown out of your closet for this special day and choose different colors, this will make you look chic without any excessive jazz. Tying up your hair like this will add to your appeal.

  • Casual

You are going out with him on the 14 but you really are not sure on which level you are with him in your relationship so keep it subtle and casual, opt for colored pants to make you look special.

  • Glam Doll

You know this man is the one who you wanted to be with and you want to look like a diva when you step out with him, you also want to create a statement to the passers by.

  • Catty

You don’t want to go out and waste any of your precious time on this day, infact it will be a great idea for couples who are over stressed with work and do not get too much time to spend. Just stay indoors and make every moment worth it.

Image courtesy – Google Images

Stay stylish!



Designer Teddy Bears

Valentines day is just around the corner and most of my posts will be directed towards it this week. This Valentines Day the designers have come together to design cute little teddy bears this season. In fact I am very amused that we shall see a new version of teddy bears for girls in the coming years to come.

This is the designer stuff for you!


 Manish Arora




Neeru Kumar


Shantanu Nikhil


 Suneet Verma

Pics Courtesy – Miss Malini

Stay Stylish!

Declutter your Wardrobe

We saw a lot of decluttering exercise happening this year, from a past few years we have been stressing a lot on decluttering because it does not only affect you physically but also help you gain a lot of mental peace as well. Also inversely if you have a lot of clutter you tend to gain a lot of body weight.

The place where we clutter the most is our wardrobes because we never have enough clothes, yes I know even I feel the same thing so here are a few steps by which you can declutter-

  • Jeans

All our jeans are very comfortable but you have to start looking out for the ones that have worn out from the feet, that’s the first place. Wherever you notice it is rubbed too much and starts getting holes that’s the time to say bye to the denims.

  • T shirts

Don’t wait till they become your night dress and then the duster, give it to someone needy before that because I am sure we get the replacement done way before that.

  • Woollens

Woolens don’t fade away soon as we wear them only for a few months of the year and we all have our favorite denim jacket that we can’t imagine our life without. Leave it as soon as you get another replacement.

  • Dresses

We can’t keep them all and we can’t throw them all, the plight is the same. Still you could share it with some of your close friends. This way your dresses will have a longer life in multiple cupboards

  • Sarees

Save your sarees for the special days and give them to your daughters and daughters in law, trust me they will love it!

You need to keep a few things in mind for everything in your wardrobe

  1. Do not pile up clothes that you have stopped wearing
  2. Keep updating your wardrobe by removing old stuff
  3. Don’t cling on your love to your clothes
  4. Buy 1 and remove 2 to keep it decluttered
  5. Repeat from point 1

 Stay Decluttered

Stay Stylish!

Trends Spotted at Big Star Awards 2013

Big Star Awards was held in Mumbai last week and this is how the Bollywood beauties dazzled the stage with their style. Here is my compilation of the trends spotted at this event.

I loved her look and how she wears a smile everywhere that she goes! I liked this look so much that very soon I will put up a tutorial on how to get this look.

Style Meter- 9

The Yummiest Mom of Bollywood is here, she is one woman who can pull of a stylish look with any outfit, tutorial for this look also coming up soon!

Style Meter – 8.5

Kareena could have easily done better, I like her dress but there should have been a more edgy hairdo, also to break the monotony of the golden color

Style Meter- 7

Aditi Rao Hyadri is usually present at all events and I would say she is the woman who never holds back herself, she doesn’t hesitate to experiment new stuff. Kudos to her spirit though her dress could have been better

Style Meter – 7

She looks like a vulnerable sweet star-kid, I like her simple yet stylish look. Though she could have chosen a brighter blue to make it more catchy.

Style Meter – 8

I think she could not have looked better, her lip color and hair everything just looks perfect on her. Despite being plump she pulls of a stylish look with ease

Style Meter – 8

Vani Kapoor looks very stylish in this look, most people are skeptical to wear such colors at award functions and she has done it and how!  (Tutorial coming up soon)

Style Meter – 9

Keep sending your reactions

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Celebrity style at India Bridal Week 2013

India Bridal Week which happened recently in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Many Bollywood celebrities attended the event and here is how they made an appearance.

mandira bedi india bridal week mumbai 2013

Mandira Bedi is flaunting a neon net sari, with a silver clutch to add bling. I love her fresh look with least make up.

Style Meter -8

Mugdha Ghodse wears the long black dress, she also has kept her look simple but I would have her in a bright red or burgundy lip color.

Style Meter – 7

I think Vidya Malvade has been styled by someone like me, a gold dress and bright red lips to pep up the look.

Style Meter – 8.5

Her color combination is to die for and so is her look, great choice of appearance by Mini Mathur.

Style Meter – 9

Stay Stylish!