5 ways to get rid of Dark Circles and Puffy eyes

Dark Circles and Puffy eyes have become our friends since the time we went into the party scene. Most Saturday mornings at work I over use kohl to hide my puffy eyes. You may have dark circles due to hereditary reasons or your lifestyle. Some times our sleep patterns are bad due to various reasons or we might be suffering because of working late in the nights. I have a few things you could do to reduce your dark circles make you look fresh every morning.

  1. Cucumber Slices – Putting cucumber eyes to soothe your eyes is an age old technique practiced even before under – eye creams were conceived of. You can use freshly cut cucumbers and keep it on your eyes for some time. It is advisable that you sleep after putting them for best results.
  2. Potato slices – Most of us would not know but potato slices can show great results in reducing the puffiness from the eyes. Potato also has a light cooling effect which will make your eyes relaxed after a hard day at work.
  3. Tea bags – Tea bags can be used after they are put in the freezer for a few minutes for best results. You should pick up two tea bags and freeze them for about half an hour. Put them on your eyes and let it do its wonders. It is advisable to use green tea bags. Drinking green tea and putting the tea bags on your eyes will have complete health benefits.
  4. Under Eye Cream – Having an eye care regime is as important as having a skin care regime and you should not abstain yourself from picking a good under eye cream and using it regularly. After all your beauty lies in your eyes.
  5. Almond Oil – Almond oil obviously won’t be able to make you as happy as the under eye cream or green tea bags but it will show good results on regular usage. You just need to take a drop on your fingers and gently massage the eye area. Wash your eyes if irritation persists for long.


Blossom Kochhar Face Packs

I am always on a search for new skin products which help my skin glow. Since I am little skeptical I bank on more on herbal products and here is how I bumped into Blossom Kochhar’s face packs

 IMG_20131223_1 IMG_20131223_2

This is the oxygen rich pack from Blossom Kochhar, I used this the other day and I found it to be a perfect option for this season. It does not dry your skin and help your skin glow. Since oxygen has very few side effects this can be easily used by women with all skin types. I just used this face pack to get a clean glowy look on Sunday evening.

It has to be applied evenly on your face, I prefer using it over wet skin for best results

Style Meter – 9

IMG_20131223_3 IMG_20131223_4

This is the second product that I tried from this brand, It is rich in green tea extracts. I used this as well and put it for about 20 mins but it made my skin little dry. Green tea has a lot of scrubbing and cleansing properties because of which it could have dried the skin. When I reused it and kept the face pack for 5 mins I saw better results, it cleans your face very well and I think it is a great option for people with oily skin in winters and for people with normal to dry skin in summers.

It is a good option that can provide instant results.

Style Meter -8

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