Best times to drink water

Summer is already here and this year the mercury levels are going to soar like anything. With April being close to unbearable I don’t know how May and June will turn out for us. North India is the Sun’s favorite place – during summers it loves to shine the most and during winters he loves to go away for a long time. Having empathetic feelings about the heat I want to talk about the best times to drink water during a day.

You must have read various articles on how good it is to keep yourself well hydrated during summers but for a fact over hydration can also cause problems but that belongs to some rare species on this planet. For me I have a reminder app on my phone that keeps telling me to drink water every hour that I am awake.

Here are the best times to drink water –

  • After waking up

You might have noticed every animal drinks water just after a good night’s sleep and that is exactly how a human body should be trained but we have forgotten this through all these years. So the first thing in the morning before your tea is water.

  • Before a meal

Unlike our habit of wanting to drink water after a meal it is always said that a yogi has water before food, a bhogi has water during food and a rogi has water after food. These lines were not written because of some underlying meaning.

  • Before a workout

When your pulse starts racing and adrenalin starts rushing you have to keep your body well fuelled. Since you are going to sweat it out any ways it is always great to keep ample water inside the body.

  • At regular intervals

You could also get an app like me which keeps reminding you that you need to drink a glass or two of water. You may keep it hourly or two hourly depending your daily routine and intake of water.

Remember nothing can replace water, any drink that you take is a drink and not water so you can’t count it in your daily water content.

Feeling thirsty, isn’t it?

5 weight loss foods

Still cringing about the sweet overload you had last weekend with Holi and Easter back to back. Most of us eat extra during festivities and regret it later. I have my list of 5 weight loss foods. So next time you are able to have a great celebration without worrying.

  • Water
Drink as much warm water as you can, especially empty stomached in the morning and just before going to sleep. It will help you cut on the extra fat that your body might have started to store
  • Sweetless
Go sweetless at home, since already sweet intake has gone up because of the festival, cut down on your chocolates and biscuits. It also means lowering down the sugar intake in your milk shakes and coffees. It is advisable to switch to honey instead of sugar.
  • Wheatgrass
Try drinking natural wheat grass juice it will remove all the toxins that you have assimilated either through overeating or even with a change in sleeping pattern. You could even take ready made wheat grass juice
  • Fruits
Make fruits your company for these few days, so that the energy level in your body does not go down even if the sugar level does. It will give you ample sugar and help your skin to glow. Pick up seasonal fruits like melon and kiwi. Choosing smoothies and sodas over coffee and tea is always better.
  • Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera needs to be consumed to keep any skin issues at bay that might lead to making your skin oily or any kind of pimples that might attack you, keep taking Aloe Vera juice in small portions or you can rub the gel on your body to get a natural glow. It will also help you get back your fresh skin which might have spoiled due to color.
Do let me know in your comments about your experiences with these 5 weight loss foods
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Detox your body

We are in the first week of 2016 and the last few days have been crazy. I am sure all of us started our parties around christmas and this is the time when we are back on track, not literally though. One good thing about winters is that it lets you hide the extra kilos with style. I love winters for that (just kidding) jokes apart I still love winters. Since I have been equally subjected to an over dose of food, cakes and drinks now is the time to detox.

Detox is a process by which you use various methods to clean your body inside out. It means you are removing all the toxic materials from your body and replacing it with nutrients and healthy food.

Today I will talk about a few easy tips to detox your body. These are small thinks which will help you cleanse your system and depending on your routine you can assimilate it in your food habits-

  • Your first meal should not be a caffeine drink. It is most advisable to stick to green tea or a fruit smoothie for best results.
  • Try eating your fruits instead of taking juices because your body needs the fiber which is thrown away while making a juice
  • Water is a very essential element which helps you detox. You need to ideally have about 15 glasses of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Replace one meal with organic foods such as salads or fruits.
  • Try fasting for a day, trust me it can give you great results.
  • Add fiber foods to your daily diet.
  • Add probiotic foods in your diet such as yogurt, it not only helps to clean but also develops your immune system for the better.
  • Add green and citrus foods in your diet – amla, cucumber, lemon etc
  • Get proper sleep

I am sure with these few habits your definitely feel lighter and it will help you to detox your body after the new year season and get you ready for the shadi season



5 reasons to Sun Bath

Most of the women in India suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and as winter is approaching it would be a great idea to spend a few hours in the morning sunlight. Not only does it help your health but it also makes your day when you get up happy. As a habit you should sit in the sun for about 30 mins between 7 – 9 am.


Sun bath

Sun Bath   

  • Sunlight reduces the chances to breast cancer- which has become a big threat in the modern era.
  • Sunlight helps cure skin disorders
  • Sunlight increases oxygen level in the blood – which eventually will help your hemoglobin count, which again is a rampant problem with Indian women
  • Sunlight helps you combat signs of stress and depression- that is the reason you are told to take a window seat in office
  •  Sunlight helps you build immunity

Apart from this there are many age old stories that speak about the thousands of positive effects of being in the Sun.

So girlies what are you waiting for see you in the Sun

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