5 Reasons Never to Sleep in your Makeup

We all have had days when we hate to remove our make-up and trust me on most days we hate to got through the whole process of removing face makeup. Recently I noticed my skin was not as smooth as it used to be courtesy parties. Though I should not blame it; because the real reason was just wiping my face with a tissue and sleeping with at least the base layer.

Most dermatologists stress on Makeup removal as something more important than putting good makeup and it should be a part of your makeup regime. It is as important as brushing your teeth at night otherwise your mouth bacteria will start acting up.

After figuring out a lot of things, I found out these top 5 reasons never to sleep in your Makeup –

  1. Clogging Pores

We all know what makeup does to us, it covers up all our pores giving us the perfect flawless look. We have become so used to the age old foundation and what not on top of it we have our face primers, highlighters, pressed powders, contouring colors. Your skin may belong to any category but clogging your pores is never a good idea if you want to make your skin shine. It starts with small break outs and coverts to pimples and blemishes very soon.


  1. No No to Foundation

Most doctors say that the base is the worst product to leave on to your face and it should be removed daily for regular application. When makeup like this is not properly removed it results in the breakdown of collagen, wrinkles, clogged pores, and acne flare-ups. And you might be still blaming it on your junk diet.

  1. Eye Makeup

With the amount of love we create our dramatic eyes it is equally important to spend and equivalent amount of time removing every layer of the smokey eyes or the cat eyed liner. Eye make up can do more harm than most other products, it can easily result in red eyes, eye infections, irritation and heating of eyes. Mascara is supposed to damage your eyelids too when not removed properly and never sleep with artificial lashes the gum can spoil your tender skin.

  1. Lipstick sticking to the lips

Your left over lipstick will increase the chapping of your lips many fold. Many lipsticks contain drying waxes which help the lipstick to last longer on to lips. Ideally you need to remove your lipstick and put a nice lip balm on your lips after removing the lipstick to keep your lips baby soft.

  1. The Best part

So after all this you must be wondering what really is required that you remove your make-up. You have various options to choose from – make up removing wipes and makeup removers. Make sure you pick up something that is oil based so that your make up comes off very easily. You just need to take a cotton ball and cleanse your face and eyes. Sometimes eye makeup gets more rigid and takes more time. After cleaning just apply little night cream on your face and non- tinted lip balm for best results.

Avoid making these lipstick mistakes

Very often when I see a lisptick ruining someone’s smile, I feel something needs to be done badly. You all must have seen those aunties who smile with more lipstick smudged to their teeth than the lips itself and yes we do not want to be party to that group. So let me help to avoid making these lipstick mistakes and do it like a pro.

While dark colors show more than light colors it does not mean you have to abstain from your favorite red and burgundy shade.

Common lipstick mistakes

  • Dehydration – Winters have come, like literally and if your lips are chapped chances are the lip color will not stay evenly and smudge to your teeth while you talk or eat.
  • Lip balm – Lip balm should be a part of your daily skin care regime if you have a tendency of chapped lips, especially before applying any lipstick. You can pick up any colored or white lip balm to moisten your lips.
  • Layering – It is a common opinion that you need to apply the lipcolor thrice to get the real color, trust me it ain’t true. Most of the brands have good shades and the tint should come in maximum two swipes. Any matte lipstick will smudge with multiple use.
  • Lip liner – Whenever you want to shape your lips well, a lip liner is your friend. Do not avoid a lip liner and two extra minutes off your sleep to get that perfect rosy shape.
  • Setting – Even before the pout became a hot tradition we all knew how to make a pouty face to set our lip colors right. You need to set your lips to get it in perfect shape accordingly. Remember to blot the extra color off your lips and create a final look.

While we perfect the art of applying lipstick there are many more who don’t!

Stay Stylish!