Detox your body

We are in the first week of 2016 and the last few days have been crazy. I am sure all of us started our parties around christmas and this is the time when we are back on track, not literally though. One good thing about winters is that it lets you hide the extra kilos with style. I love winters for that (just kidding) jokes apart I still love winters. Since I have been equally subjected to an over dose of food, cakes and drinks now is the time to detox.

Detox is a process by which you use various methods to clean your body inside out. It means you are removing all the toxic materials from your body and replacing it with nutrients and healthy food.

Today I will talk about a few easy tips to detox your body. These are small thinks which will help you cleanse your system and depending on your routine you can assimilate it in your food habits-

  • Your first meal should not be a caffeine drink. It is most advisable to stick to green tea or a fruit smoothie for best results.
  • Try eating your fruits instead of taking juices because your body needs the fiber which is thrown away while making a juice
  • Water is a very essential element which helps you detox. You need to ideally have about 15 glasses of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Replace one meal with organic foods such as salads or fruits.
  • Try fasting for a day, trust me it can give you great results.
  • Add fiber foods to your daily diet.
  • Add probiotic foods in your diet such as yogurt, it not only helps to clean but also develops your immune system for the better.
  • Add green and citrus foods in your diet – amla, cucumber, lemon etc
  • Get proper sleep

I am sure with these few habits your definitely feel lighter and it will help you to detox your body after the new year season and get you ready for the shadi season



Christmas Gifts for your man

With Christmas right here we all want to make our loved ones a little happier. You may or may not believe in Santa Claus but we all believe in gifts during Christmas and for a few days we want to believe that Santa Claus is real. With the Christmas trend setting in we also have the Secret Santa process at our workplaces and why would you not do it for your special someone.

  • Planner

A planner is an age old gift but you can still do it for 2016. You can buy a quirky planner from the various websites or create your own with a collage of your pictures and lovely messages on the cover. What is more lovable than a personalized gift for this festive season!

  • A quirky boxer

Trust me, your man loves when you do it in style for him. A quirky boxer is something that he likes and will be able to use it too. Seems better than the gifts that rest in your drawing rooms and are never opened. You will get ample of options from websites.

  • Drinking glasses

No Christmas party is complete without daru and none without beautiful glasses to pour your favorite drink. You have a wide variety to choose from tequila glasses to wine glasses and it is just a way of hinting at your favorite bottle.

  • Memories

While Facebook is showing you a list of your best memories from the past year and we can inspiration and create a collage of the best moments. Do not make picture collages but take a pen and paper and note down all the best moments spent with your special someone. Adding a dash of personal touch always makes the gift more special.

  • Christmas stationery

Christmas stationery never gets out of vogue, you can pick up from your favorite table accessories like a pen stand, mouse pad or anything else that can be used. You can always get a pretty Santa Claus cap to add to your gift.

Let us know what you finally gave and what did you receive, share your pics below