Moroccan Argan Oil, the truth unfolded

You all might be wondering the hue and cry Moroccan Argan Oil has created in the beauty circuit. Argan oil which has a consistency like Olive Oil is said to be highly beneficial for the skin and hair. It contains vitamin A which encourages your skin cells to grow thereby making the skin look lustrous than ever before. Moroccan Argan Oil is said to be the best form of Argan Oil available.

I have the truth sorted out for you for Moroccan Argan Oil and I am listing down the best ways you can use it for –

  1. Night Cream

I think it shows best results when you are asleep. After removing your makeup or cleansing your face with a face wash, your face tends to look drier. You can take a few drops of Moroccan Argan Oil and gently massage on your face and neck. You will be surprised to see the glow next morning.

  1. Foot care

You have cracks in your ankle, the best way is to massage your feet with Moroccan Argan Oil regularly twice a day for a few days. Do it after cleaning your feet properly. It will not only smoothen your skin but show a beautiful glow on your feet.

  1. Hair care

I really don’t have to tell this to my girls, we all know that Moroccan Argan Oil can do wonders with your hair. It gives your hair volume and luster. It also gives the beautiful shine in photographs that you are always looking for.

  1. Stretch marks

We all have those shameful stretch marks somewhere or the other on our bodies and you may use Moroccan Argan Oil regularly and remove those stretch marks from your skin. With daily usage it is said to show you great results.

  1. Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair and you survive only on the mercy of the season and silky potions Moroccan Argan Oil can work wonders for you. You may just take a few drops in a cotton ball after washing your hair and highlight your scalp. Once this is done you may get back to your comb or hand combing however you like it.

Moroccan Argan Oil has not disappointed me ever so I am sure even you will have a good time using it. Do share your experiences with it and how else you would like to use this magical product.

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Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review

Za is a brand rolling a lot of eyeballs in the recent past. Za has lived up to its image for being sophisticated and for the urban woman. Most of these products being aimed at the enhancement of your already beautiful skin making the news. Today I have with you Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review and this is the first time I am trying something from this brand head.

“This collagen cream makes wrinkles less visible and keeps your skin looking firm, smooth and youthful. It can improve and prevent wrinkles caused by dryness and aging, tighten slack skin and impart bouncy resilience.”

The product Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review comes in an attractive pink packaging which is priced at INR 1199 for 40 gm. It has a user friendly bottle which you can carry around with ease.

My verdict

I pretty much liked the texture of za perfect solution restoring collagen cream because it is not too sticky and spreads evenly on your face. Also it has a sweet fragrance which goes away soon after you apply it so that’s kind of an advantage for me. Usually I would not have too many smells gather me when I sleep. Though best suited for dry skin, it is good for people with natural skin but I am not too sure with the Indian oily skin type. Sometimes our skin gets so oily in summers that we hate to apply anything but splash water on our faces before sleeping, it won’t help you that day. Since it is the same product worldwide and it may not go very well with the Indian heat. I would still recommend it for the rest of the year because it does make you feel light and radiant for the next morning without much effort. It is dermatologist tested and does not clog on to your pores. Though it is not parabens free but good enough to go.

Style Meter – 7/10