NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

Hello my lovelies, every time that I go lipstick surfing red color is always my go to. I agree with all the girls who say a tint of red color can do wonders for us. I would judge a lipstick by its red color and then decide it is worth buying or no. Recently I stumbled upon this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream online and I have always fallen for the reds by NYX. So I picked up NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam after seeing the swatches.

NYX used to be my favorite since my high school much before online businesses came into existence. I got one from a big shop in Mumbai and I lost it on the day of bae’s birthday. I was so full of myself that day that I didn’t realize dropping my wallet and also my favorite red lipcolor.

Product Claims – Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this Matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a Matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some Matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.

Price – 8ml for INR 600

Lip creams are a revolution in the lipcolor segment; I have loved them for their ease of use and rich color. Lip creams come in a packaging like a gloss and dry up like a matte lipstick. The best thing is it does not chap your lips like a normal matte lipstick would do. You might want to use a lip balm as a base if you have superdry and chapped lips like I do.

You can use two lip cream shades and create the perfect ombre lips that are the in thing of the day. Create a base with a lip balm and use a dark shade lip cream for the first color. Add the other lighter shade to create an ombre impression and finish with a transparent gloss.

The color is the prettiest red, it has that English touch to it. It still is quite bright but giving me a desired look every time. It suits very well for my traditional as well as my western outfits. I love to pair it with my black dresses.

Style Meter – 8.5/10

Pros of Matte Soft Lip Cream Amsterdam

  • I love the shade, it is the most wearable red
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • It spreads very evenly on the skin
  • Non transfer, longlasting formula

Cons of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

  • Little extra dry for my lips

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick is one of the first choice of every fashionista on this planet. It feels like the perfect red for everyone. My tryst with MAC began as soon as I got MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick as a birthday gift from an aunt and that was it. I never looked back from there.

I have my favorite MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick review for all you ladies today which in my opinion is one of the best red shades for our skin tones. While there are other shades like Russian Red and Diva but Ruby Woo seems to be the best for me.


The product comes in a black cardboard box like most other lipsticks. It is black in color and has the age old lipstick look which usually is the signature MAC lipstick look.


Though I am not too much of a lipstick person and my lips get dried up soon with matte lipsticks I still like MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. It glides easily on your lips and you need 3-4 strokes to get the perfect bright red color. It doesn’t dry your lips easily and finishes just right.

My experience with MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

I love the product for its color and texture. It is my go to for a day out when I am not in a mood for a lot of make-up or even otherwise. I have used it when I wanted to have bright red full lips with a monochrome dress and equally well with the Indian traditional attire. It seems to complement me everywhere. It shows best results when used with MAC Ruby Woo Lip Liner to get a perfectly defined look. I still recommend using lip balm underneath for a softer look or if you have extremely dry lips like me.

I like the color and would recommend any girl who loves red lipstick to go ahead and buy it.

Style Meter – 8/10

Stay Stylish!


Karva Chauth

Hello girlies,

Karva Chauth is right around the corner and since it is my first one I am a little too excited about it. If you come to ask me I have never seen one celebrate solely because I am a Sindhi and we do not do Karva Chauth, yes and we are proud of it. So after having a love inter- caste marriage here I am with the first festive post for this season. Though I am not a firm believer of the fact that my hunger can do any good to any body else apart from my own waist line nonetheless I am willing to try and go with the wind.


As soon as I hear the word Karva Chauth, a lot of thoughts cross my mind; typically women drenched in the crimson color from top to bottom. We Indian women are the personification of the color red for the entire universe. I have brought together my red stuff which I will be using for KC. I have my checklist before get ready for the day.

Get yourself busy on KC and keep your self updated with all the make up.

  • Eyes

I love the Kohl lit eyes with little shimmer and I think they do the best for an Indian traditional look. It never fails to appeal me and therefore I have Kohl, eye shadow palate and Maskara in place.

  • Face

Since the season is changing and it has become little pleasant from the heat I recommend a your favorite CC cream to get your base ready in a few minutes. Do not forget your pressed powder to finish your final look. I love a little bit of cheek stain for the rouge you might have lost by not eating. 😛

  • Lips

Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend. Trust me, red lips can get you exactly what you want yes it can do it all 😀 :D. I have got my favorite red ready to add to my final look.

  • Nails

No look is complete without a dash of your favorite nails. Do some pretty peppy nail art to woo your man into getting the gift you were dreaming of, this season.

  • Jewellery

I have brought beautiful kundan earrings and red metal bangles to make myself look straight out of a K- serial, though I’d never do it but since already is the Karva Chauth day let me do it completely with pride.

Do mention your comments about how you celebrated your Karva Chauth. This my list of stuff



Stay Stylish!


New Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lip Color Review


Maybelline came out with Colorshow range last year for nail paints and followed it by lip colors. It became a huge hit among the girls of the country so they came up with the new matte range and here is