Types of Foundations

Off-late my love for foundations has risen like no other, while I keep searching for my best friend I have compiled a list of types of foundations for all my friends to make their foundation search easier. Your base is exactly what your foundation can create so having a good foundation means half of your deal is done.

Types of foundations

Cream foundation
– Most used product by the Indian skin. Great for all skin types and you get the maximum variety here.

– You can easily get medium or full coverage.
– The best part about this foundation is that it lends a dewy finish. It instantly makes you party ready and gives you a great face for great pics.
– Covers and conceals discolorations and imperfections on the skin to provide you a flawless finish.

Liquid foundation
-We have seen this since childhood, even our mother have banked on liquid foundations like no other.

Is ideal for all skin types. It is well-suited for dry skin.
– Gives the kind of coverage you need with the help of tools like a beauty blender or a brush
– Has a satin, matte or dewy finish depending on the formulation.
– You would usually need a moisturizer base with a liquid foundation for best results.

Pressed powder foundation
– Is best for those who have oily skin.
– It lends a light to medium coverage so it may not be helpful in covering acne
– Has a matte-finish look and you can use a highlighter for a dewy look
– Evens out the skin tone, hides the imperfections and absorbs the excess oil.
– Should be applied with the help of a powder brush. It can be also used as a great summer product if you have a combination skin

Mineral foundation

Ideal for all skin types, except oily. It is specially suited for those with sensitive skin
– Gives a matte finish look and you may add glittered blushers
– Has a light to medium coverage and is powdery in nature
– Evens out the skin tone, moisturizes, protects and absorbs the excess oil.
– Use a brush to buff it on

Tinted moisturizing foundation
– Ideal for normal and dry skin but you have to be sure of the tone before buying it from the store.
– It is well-suited for those who need extra hydration and just a touch of color to pull it off.\

It gives a slight dewy finish which lends a natural look to your face.
– Lightly evens out the skin tone and is a good choice to hide light scars.

A foundation needs to be tried on your face for best results. You need to make sure that your foundation does not look over board or cakey. You should ideally use your fingers or a beauty blender for an even finish on the face and neck. instead of using glittered finish you should use a highlighter.